I live and reside in NYC. No I don't want to meet you. Does this look like a dating service to you? No!

I'm a meatatarian, please respect my choice. I eat meat, none of that hippy fake vegan crap.

I'm a food pornographer, you will leave hungry when you come to my site.

I don't censor myself, if you find my stuff offensive, leave. Its a free country last time I checked.

I'm a writer, blogger, reviewer of sorts. I don't get paid for this, this is just  my opinion. If you suck, I will put you on full blast. If you're great I will sing your praise and say many and great wonderful things about you, giving you free PR.

I don't do YT cause its filled with retards. ReTarz that spell and write like that.

I don't post pics of myself cause you interwebs people are creepy.

For my food pics and general pics I use the Leica D-Lux 3 camera in silver. Yes I know they came out with a newer model. But mine is still rocking and working. No I don't carry around those big heavy paparazzi cameras. Yes Leica is a real camera company, yes I am aware it was mentioned in EuroTrip.
(I got a new camera so this will be updated)

You may notice that when I go out, or take food porn pics that Domo is in them. That is because Domo is awesome. Don't be jealous of Domo, its rather sad. Don't make snide comments about Domo when walking past me on the street. I will IG your belligerent fat ass. If you have something to say, say it, don't whisper it while walking by with 3 of your friends running to the train.

Don't think you know anything about me just cause you're reading my blog.