Into the Gloss Beauty Sale

Into the Gloss is a beauty site that I read, and they posted that they were having a ridiculous beauty sale with the proceeds going to charity. So I was like why not? Let's go. It was at the Jane hotel which was all the way on the west side. Blerg. Ok, we're in NYC we know how to walk, so we'll walk.

So we got there a bit early, 15 minutes, and we were all waiting in the lobby wondering what was happening. Anyways finally by 7, we all went inside. It was a strange set up. It was in this room which couches and low coffee tables. There were plastic bins there and they were filled with various products. There were different tables, one for nails, make up, bath and body, and another one of random stuff. They had a wide arrange of brands, from drug store brands to high end ones. Some were discontinued items. They were discounted, the items were $1, $5, $10, some going for $20.

Ladies who were there got CRAZY aggressive. They were shoving, and grabbing stuff. It was crazy. Like damn these women have never seen make up before! Like is this a sample sale? Should I have brought riot gear? I only managed to get a few items. I was only there like 15 minutes because it got too crazy. And most of that I was trapped on one side. The women were insane. I got shoved aside and I ended up on the other side of the table where I found my smashbox palette for $5! YES! I wasn't able to get to the other tables because the women there swarmed around like crazy and were just snatching and grabbing things. One girl walked out and said she would rather pay the extra $10 than deal with that insanity. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I don't think the people who were working there knew what was going on. One girl was sitting on the couch near the make up with her drink. We didn't know if she was trapped there or not. It wasn't clear. But apparently she worked there and you paid her. Though she was a bit tipsy because she tried to give me back my change twice. I was like no girl, you already did. It's not even 9 yet and you're pretty much gone.

There were a lot of drug store brands there. And a few high end ones. You really had to be in the first group of people there and knew which table you wanted to go to and grab whatever you could, otherwise it was pretty much a wash up.

(these aren't  my pics, these are pics I found online. I wasn't able to take pics because all I wanted to do was get out of there, i twas a crazy madhouse! but yeah you can see there was stuff for $1.Don't get mad if I didn't give you credit, again I found them online, and I'm not taking credit for it.)

This is the smashbox palette I got for $5. and the eyelashes were $1

And then afterwards we went to get these tiny donuts at the doughnuttery in Chelsea Market. Overall the day was not wasted. So if you're thinking of going, just be prepared to get there early, run in, know what you want, get it fast, and get out. You've been warned!

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