Top Shelf

In honor of In the Gloss's Top shelf, I'm going to be doing a top shelf of my own.

Living in NYC, you are subject to the harshest elements, so the stuff you use better do their job otherwise it's tossed out without a second thought. Yes we're ruthless up here. Once I find something that works for me, I'm a repeat buyer for life. If it ain't broke why fix it?

I absolutely LOVE Fresh products. I LOVE their lip balms, they're super moisturizing and have spf. SPF is very important. When I'm traveling about, whether it's hiking up to Machu Picchu or chilling on a beach in Bali, SPF is always important. I also love the Nivea lip balms. I wear those at night since they don't have spf. And cause I coupon I got a ton of them for super cheap.

For my skin, I use the Fresh Soy cleanser to remove all my make up and it's pretty gentle where it doesn't strip my skin. I use it with my Clarisonic Mia, which I won from SephoraKlaus like a few years ago. Greatest thing ever.

I use the Mario Badescu Cellufirm drops before I apply moisturizer. It makes my skin pretty damn soft and I hear Martha Stewart loves this stuff. I use their Hyaluronic eye cream on my eyes, cause it's not greasy and I"m fighting those fine lines. I use the Control Cream cause I have rosceca,  and it helps and it's very moisturizing in the winter. (apparently they're revamping it and it's no longer in stock wtf?)

I use Shu Umuera's eyelash curler. Truly one of the greatest things ever. I don't use mascara cause you'll never see it on me, so I use Dollywink lashes. The band is pretty soft and they're pretty durable considering the amount of times I've cleaned them. Yes you're suppose to clean your lashes ladies.

I started using Wen conditioning shampoo again since coloring my hair. Going blonde is really brutal on your hair. And this stuff is super moisturizing. 

I love Eco Tools, their brushes are super soft and not expensive. Plus they're environmentally friendly. I use these brushes with my Bare Minerals Foundation. I've used Bare Minerals for a while now, it's pretty easy for me to use. I can pretty much do my face in 5 minutes, lashes included and brows. 

so what's your Top Shelf?

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loveSHARA said...

... I guess, I'm one of the unlucky few that breaks out from using bare minerals. Bums me out. ):