Sunday Morning

Sunday is the day you look forward to after Friday and Saturday mostly because you know Sundays come with brunch! Who doesn't like brunch? Seriously who? Sunday comes with brunch, bloody marys, sunday comics and coupons, and a relaxed day where you drink your coffee and recharge for the coming week.

I sleep in on Sunday, who doesn't? Though if brunch ins involved I'll get up early. I'll make some green tea to jump charge myself.

3 important beside objects
1. Color Nook (yes I know it's bad to read before you sleep)
2. nivea lip balm
3. everything else is away from my bed, far away, the bed is for sleeping!

Breakfast superpower
I make a mean and mushroom egg omelette, sometimes with roasted red peppers and a side of bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

Fave Breakfast Spot
NYC - Calle Ocho - free sangria when you order brunch. You can't go wrong there and I LOVE their cheesy bread!
Long Island - Thoma's Diner - makes a great pork chop.
                     Grand Lux Cafe - they make this amazing french toast.
Nashville - Pancake Pantry - seriously the name says it all.
                 Monell's - it comes with fried chicken, how can you go wrong with that?
                 Loveless - the biscuits are amazing there and they're free!
Las Vegas - Wynn  - they cut up the candy apple for you.

My bedtime attire
I always have colorful pj's on, currently cookie monster pants that everyone seems to love. in the summer bunny shorts and tank. Lots of bunnies

My sheets
Are always colorful and crazy and always soft. You're gonna be sleeping on it, it better not be scratchy and rough. Currently they're cookie sheets. Yes cookies.

How many pillows
I usually stick with one, cause the others just get in the way, less you're having a pillow fight

Before bed I make sure
I brush my teeth! charge the phone and put it far away

I love spending Sundays with my friends and sometimes family. Cause family is best when you go to dim sum on a crowded Sunday. How do you spend your Sunday?

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