Remember me?

I know it's been a while, eons actually. In fact the dinosaurs have died and cavemen have evolved into homo sapiens! Where have I been? Busy actually! Real life took over and let's face it, me putting together a somewhat cohesive post about something is not happening considering I've developed some serious A.D.D issues lately. Did you miss me!?

I went and came back from Thailand which was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Everything you heard about it is either true or a complete lie. It's hot as balls there. And I went during the off season, so it's considered their winter/spring, so it's cooler. It's still hot, and humid. I'm from NYC remember, we know hot, but damn the humidity is what killed me and my hair. Asian hair does not frizz or freak out normally. The second I was there it completely freaked out. like WTF? Luckily there was a watson's there and I snagged up some awesome hair products.

This is marketed as a hair detangler, but this was amazing balls! It controlled my hair and made it calm down royally. It wasn't frizzy or freaking out. Course it was hot and humid so I was rocking the herring bone aka fish tail braids while I was there. It was too hot not to put your hair up. But damn those thai girls looked good! They had make up on, cute outfits, their hair was done, styled and they weren't sweaty! It was so unfair! I was sweaty and gross and they looked so put together! Obviously you knew who the tourist was!

But yes Thailand was amazing. Food was incredible cheap there. The conversion rate was amazing. it was $30 usd = 1 of theirs! AWESOME!!! I bought a lot of stuff. i saw a lot of stuff, ruins, temples, buddha's and just how amazing Thailand was. Rode an elephant, ate meal worms, realized that there are about 5 million bugs there that all wanted to get to know me better, and ate like nobody's business. I shall spam you with some food porn. Though I will tell you, I lost 2lbs while I was there. Maybe it was all the sweating I was doing.

Omg its mcporridge from mcdonalds! And it was tasty la!

McD Porridge!!!!

Domo approves! It's a deep fried pie! But it's a breakfast pie, egg, ham, corn, cheese! MY GOD!

Look it's fried chicken! At McDonald's! And it was awesome!!!! Why yes that is a filet o fish.

Even their airplane food was better! 

Corn pie! I know it sounds weird but it was tasty! Punch a baby tasty! 

Banana roti. Street food and it was amazing! 

Fresh squeezed orange juice! The guy here worked hard squeezing it. And these are smaller oranges too! And you got a bottle for $1 usd! He works HARD for his money! And it was so tasty! and pulpy!

This is passion fruit! Freshly cut! Damn it's like ugly on the inside. lol! Course this is when I realized i'm allergic to it the second I started to eat it. So unfair! My cries!

Pineapple pie! Deep fried from mcdonald's! 

It's a pork burger! And it was tasty!

Cockles! So tasty! I used to eat these as a kid! 

Fresh young coconut! I had a lot of these there. And they were less than a dollar!

Snake whiskey! Yes, it really is a snake! And they had scorpion whiskey too! They gave me a sample, you can't taste the snake. I brought one back for my brother. Oh this isn't in thailand, this was in Laos. PETA can suck it hard!

Awesome yogurt drink from my youth, and look it comes in a larger size! Domo approves!

amazing roast pork. Damn you can taste how happy that pig was!

Fried bugs. Yes, they're real, in fact we saw one run off and escape. That sucker was huge. 

They make pretty good tako balls there too. There's an influx of korean, chinese and japanese food in thailand. 

Lychee Pocky! 

Blueberry pocky! And they were less than a dollar usd!

Fuck yeah Mr Donut! Domo approves!

Chicken satay. That's not a potato at the bottom. it's a piece of fat. and it was awesome!

Egg Tart and raspberry egg tart from KFC. And they were awesome! Damn why does Asia get all the good food?

Domo found the mangosteen and it was tasty!


Sexy durian, this is young durian so it don't stink to high hell.

Yes that is a shark fin hanging out

Pomagrante juice!

Dim sum in chinatown in Bangkok. They serve it ALL DAY! And they make it awesomer! God I love Thailand!

The archway in the chinatown in Bangkok. See everyone has one but the one in NYC. What gives? Is NYC just that disorganized and not as awesome as the other chinatowns?!

More seafood! This is at the floating markets. Those are langosteen, and yes those are scallops, and my hand and fingers are swollen from the heat. but they are there for scale!

I am amazed that she can cook on a floating boat. If you're wondering if ppl get sick, I'll tell you I ate a ton of street food, and floating market food, etc, and never got sick. My friend got sick at the hotel buffet though. 

More awesome seafood!

rose sweets. they have the consistency of mochi.

Fried rice with fish and the flower is edible.

roasted banana with coconut syrup. 

Ronald McDonald greets you!

Reclining Buddha Image

I've got more food pics, those are on my flickr and facebook, I don't want to keep spamming you like a crazy mofo. 

I saw a ton of temples, buddhas, ruins and awesomeness in thailand. I saw monks walking around in their orange robes and the darker red ones. I saw nuns dressed in white walking around too. I even got to see the monks asking for food in the morning too. It was pretty humbling to watch. I have to say being in thailand made me rediscover my faith again. Strange I know. But it was just an amazing experience there.

I had a horrible experience with the layover in Shanghai. It was 14 hours from NYC to shanghai and then 4 hours to Bangkok. And god the FOBS! And the fucking communists there! They were holding me there and trying to steal my organs! but whatever! That's a rant for another day. I'd totally go back to thailand, no questions asked.

And yes I mourn the loss of Betsey Johnson. No she didn't die, but her company went out of business and she's closing down her stores and webstore too. So sad. Yes I went to the last sample sale and got some good stuff. Alas betsey!

I'm alive and running around. You should check me out on twitter to see what I'm up to, what random gigs I'm working on, where I'm headed to next, I just got back from Nashville a week ago and where I'll be eating. Hello big apple bbq! I may not be updated as much on this blog but I'm definitely active on Twitter and tumblr. Though I'm really uncensored on tumblr. You have been warned. 

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