Another Betsey Day

Oh Betsey! We really have to stop meeting like this! First it was a pop up shop the week I came back from Thailand, and now it's another sample sale! I swear you're after my wallet aren't you? You must be! But I love your stuff so much that I easily hand over my credit card to you with no worry. That is until the month's over and I get the statement! Doh!

I went today to the sample sale and it wasn't as crazy as it normally is. Maybe cause it's the weather and all the old ladies decided to go outside instead. Though there was one old lady with her husband sitting in the chair guarding all the stuff she was getting. awe that's love.

around lunch things started to pick up. But the dresses were too pricy for me. so I just got some other stuff instead. Course I was super amazed and lucky to snag such awesome deals! And because google is my friend here are the images for I am too lazy to take pictures! lol!

Snagged these shoes. I saw them in the store before, but couldn't justify paying full price for them. But when I saw them, and they were in my size it was a sign! Plus it was only 60! Course I tried them on and restrained myself from doing a happy dance. They're still listed on the betsey site at full price too! O.o That's why I love sample sales! And yes these things have a 5 inch heel! Why yes I will be Domozilla towering over all now!

Got this jacket, cause the weather was warmer and wanted something different. This thing was like 40% off the marked price. so i was really surprised when it rang up for even less! YAY! Yeah I like jackets that flare out or puff out. I need to add some color to this.

Then I snagged this sweater with matching gloves. They were pretty cute. I can rock these with a dress. I don't know why the model is wearing such high waisted pants with this sweater. And yes there are snaps on it so you can detach them. I had to search through the pile of sweaters to make sure that I had both gloves!

So the pop up shop was pretty quiet, as they didn't advertise it as much as the sample sale. They only posted it on facebook and they didn't post it on twitter till the next day. I went the first day right after I got back from Thailand! Yes I love my betsey, and yes I have a ton of pics and awesomness from Thailand!

I snagged this jacket. It was in my size which I took as a sign. I remembered it from the fashion show, so of course I had to have it. Yes, I need to get a sailor hat now. Like seriously now. I'm a captain and I'm gonna sing the I'm on a Boat song too! lol!

I got this cute dress too! I totally fell in love with it when I tried it on. The pattern is tiny anchors. And it has the flap that sailors have in the back with the stars on it. I was wondering what the hell it was when I tried it on. lol! I'm so rocking this, and I'm So getting a sailor hat now!

And I snagged these boots for 65. They were in my size and I took that as a sign! Seriously, do you know how hard and rare it is to find shoes in a size 7 at a sample sale?! They usually only have size 8,9,10 or a size 6 or 5! Why is everyone buying MY size?! I got these in grey. It's a flat boot, no real heel, like I need to be taller. I got it in grey, they didn't have pics of the back of it so I'm using the beige pics. It's still listed on the betsey site at full price!

And now I can say I'm officially poor and broke! But damnit Betsey! I just can't say no to you! I wish I could quit you! If you're in nyc and in the area you should check out the sale. Hopefully they'll slash prices towards the end. Like I need more dresses right?

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