Later biatches

Where have I been? I know, no one's wondering. I've been busy with living life in NYC. Mostly because it's easier and faster to say what I need on twitter or tumblr. Yes I'm lazy. So to sum it up, sample sale, sample sale, travel, travel, sample sale, travel, eat at new places, be amazed at my smart phone, hate the timeline on fb, clear out clutter from my life, and disown idiots. After disowning people I free up a lot of time, a lot of me time. Which leads me to go out and do other random things. 

This year has been good to me, changes, always with the changes, some good some bad, some forced some by choice. Either way, life is always good. My passport got new stamps, I racked up the frequent flyer miles, I fell in and out of love again, I found new loves, new friends, new hobbies, new things. And of course, new slacker ways. 

I wonder if anyone still reads this. I suppose I could blog more, but then who reads this? Eh who knows. Live life and be happy. 

New mantra. Be happy. No point in pretending to be nice to assholes. Just live your life and forget the crap inbetween. and most importantly, will it matter a year from now? probably not, so let it go. I'll see you ladies around!

3 stalkers:

MeiBelle said...

I read!! I love your attitude in life, I definitely need to some caring about other ppl's opinions so much. Anyway, Happy New Year, babe! Not like I won't talk to you on twitter =)

Jamilla Camel said...

Happy New Year, Domo hun!

K said...

Yes, I read your blog! Happy New Year, and hope to see you soon!!!!