my random weekend

There was the Maker Fair, a pickle festival, a garlic festival and all sorts of random stuff along the way. I'm not sure which weekend this was, or how it all fit together, but it was definitely different. And if you haven't figured it out, I really like pickles and garlic. Vampires stay away!

So the Maker Fair was stumbled up upon due to the fact that I had to go to this wedding on terrace of the park. Clearly I didn't want to go but got dragged into it, that and the fact that there were a bunch of fake ass bitches that I didn't want to see or deal with, well you can see how much fun I had there. That and the fact that I had the giant globey thing staring right at me as a constant reminder didn't help either. I ended up going to the fair the next day.

I ran into some people I knew from school which was pretty cool. Funny how everything is linked together you know? Anyways I did end up buying this pair of cool earrings.

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MeiBelle said...

The vampires from True Blood would run in terror from you lol jk. I love the earrings!