Footos are coming for you!

So last monday in sept I went to see my man Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters play in Jersey. They're not playing NYC until Nov, so me and my friend went to Jersey to see them. I can honestly say that I really don't enjoy being in Jersey.  Esp taking the bus there. God, talk about people with heinous B.O. And they all decided to swarm around me on the bus for some reason. Geez cause I'm thin doesn't mean I don't need some personal space you know! I had to get off the bus early cause I couldn't stand the smell of it all. I mean seriously I needed a gas mask to stay on that bus!

So me and my friend who's never been to a Foo show, went to the Izod center and saw that there were people tailgating there. Like seriously. I mean it wasn't a sporting event, it was a concert. I was like seriously wtf? Did I miss something? Were we suppose to bring booze and grills and bbq stuff? Is this the normal thing in Jersey? Did we miss the memo? Even Dave was like wtf?

The opening bands were some mariachi band or something. And another band called Rise against. I haven't really heard of either of them. My friend has heard fo Rise Against. He said they were pretty good. Good for them!

Look lights

So now they're changing for the Foo's. Yes they sold tix for behind the stage for $15, and yes they were filled up when the show started.

That's my jewelmint silver zip bracelet with my leather wrist cuff. The bracelet is a bit big on me so I have to wear the leather cuff to keep it from falling. 

Roadies still setting up. This is where they can feel special for about 5 min cause they're not rock stars. 

The Foo's are hitting the stage, the light things are moving off the stage now. 

Yes the Foo's have hit the stage!

Dave Grohl is still oh so sexy!

You can watch from the jumbo tron! 

So sexy! Too sexy for you!

The show lasted for a while, they must have played like 3 hours it seems. Then we had to drive back from crappy Jersey. Took forever cause no one in that state knows how to make a left turn. 

I was pretty happy and felt energized from the concert. I've seen them play since 2000. My first Foo concert was in 2000, went up to UMass Amherst with a friend. I was sick that weekend and downed enough nyquil and dayquil to bathe in but had to see the Foo Fighters with the Chili Peppers. It was an awesome show. I was hooked ever since. I've seen they play Roseland in NYC dozens of times, the Supper club, then MSG. I've seen them play a lot of places, and they always rock. 

Granted things in my life were getting kinda crappy, my gig was ending, and I had to find a new one, and I hate the constant running around for a new gig at times. Sometimes I wish I could just get a break, but I know if I'm not constantly looking I won't get paid, and in this economy you need to get paid. 

Thanks Foo Fighters for rocking again. I'm back to my old self again. And no I totally don't know the setlist they played. They played a lot of new stuff and a couple of oldies, course no one knew the oldies except the radio hits. 

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Jamilla Camel said...

Love the bracelet, love Foo Fighters, and good luck with getting a new gig!