Betsey Johnson Sample Sale Again! w00t!

Oh ladies, you know it was that time of the year again! Oh the uglies were out again! Even the workers there were like damn don't people work? I mean seriously, don't they work? Guess not! You know how it goes ladies, ugly women squeezing their fat asses into a dress 2 sizes too small for them. Grabbing things, snatching them, staring at you when they realize they want the dress you're wearing. This is a sample sale ladies, there's no holding back!

I went the first day to pick up a few things. This year they had winter coats, which was a nice change. I can say my Betsey collection is growing bigger and bigger now. And years from now, my great great great grand children will bring my betsey stuff to their version of the antique road show and go what the hell is Betsey Johnson, and our crazy ass great great great great grandma had a ton of stuff with that name on it.  My silly children...

So they had jackets, so I got some. This is a pretty cute jacket. It apparently also could be worn as a dress. I was pretty surprised at how form fitting it was when I tried it on. 

Me wearing the jacket. I like the lining inside. My shoes are also betsey but I picked those up at TJ Maxx for $39.

Ok so I picked up this winter coat. Its actually pretty nice. I found a listing of it with more pics on ebay
It's pretty nice, I started getting warm when I put it on at the sale. Yes its furry on the bottom, and yes I have to make the bow pretty like that in the pictures on ebay. 

Close up of the fabric. You can see the nice design, it kinda has a shimmer to it. Not bling!

This is another jacket I got. It's a long jacket and looks like a tux but for chicks. I guess cause I'm taller I can get away with wearing this.

This is the back of the jacket. Super cute right? I'm so on the victorian look these days. I saw this jacket at a previous sample sale but didn't grab it up fast enough, so when I saw it this time, I grabbed it. 

I picked up some jewelry too. I picked up the jewelry and stuff on the second to last day where they slashed prices even more. This ring came out to be 12 bucks. w00t! I really like the dragonfly.

This is a cute charm bracelet. The heart locket really does open up and u can put a picture in there if you really want. This was the most pricy piece there. it cost 16 bucks. :P

This bangle is super cute and spring like. Yes I know we're going into fall but whatever. it cost 10 bucks. so I really couldn't say no. Plus it fit around my wrist and wouldn't slide off. I have small wrists and small hands so most bracelets will slide off me. 

I picked up this sweater dress for $20! I couldn't believe it either! I was like wow! It's pretty cute and I can't wait to wear it in the fall.

Then I picked up this dress for 40 bucks! Insane! I couldn't believe it! It's still listed on the betsey site at full price! I have the same dress, but instead of white the sash and the petticoat under it is teal. 

I always go the first day, cause I want to see what great stuff they have, and cause the really good stuff goes fast, like the coats and jackets. When I went back 2 days later they were all gone. But the other dresses were slashed in prices. None of the dresses screamed out buy me this time. *sigh* 

There were these annoying moms with their 13 year old daughters there trying on dresses and being super annoying and whiny. Like MOVE fat ass! You're hogging the mirror with your fat ass while the rest of us are trying to see what the dress looks like! If you don't like the price then LEAVE already! I have to say some of these kids are pretty spoiled and bratty. 

Anyways I think I did well at the sample sale. I await the next one Betsey!

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Jamilla Camel said...

I absolutely love everything you bought!

Michelle said...

Lovely finds, I like it and you have a great taste in fashion. Thank you for sharing and keep posting.

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