More Jewelmint!

 Ok, I'm going to have to admit that Jewelmint is starting to become a slight addiction. Slight. I ordered a few more pieces you can't beat free shipping (within the USA) and I was using all these codes shamelessly so I wouldn't pay full price. Don't judge me! Check out Jewels and Mints as they post codes and updates on new pieces and such. Their facebook page is filled with chatter and buzz about pieces, and the people there take pics of their pieces, so you can see the quality and how big or small the sizing is on certain things. And they share codes, its pretty nice there.

So here are a few more pieces I picked up. Yes I know, its an addiction!

Here's the zipper bracelet I wrote about in a previous post.

I definitely dig the zipper influence on it.  I got it in silver not bronze, though bronze is looking pretty good...It's a sturdy piece, but not heavy.

I love how there are little gems in the zipper teeth part. Remember to take it off when walking through the metal detector at the airport.

the bracelet is kinda big on my wrist. this is how far it goes down on my arm.

And this is the space between my wrist and the actual bracelet. I kinda have to make sure my hand is always open when I wear this, you know what I mean. Definitely wearing this in the fall for those edgier days. 

These are baltic earrings. They have a swedish influence to them. Actually a couple of pieces have a swedish influence to them. *ahem* I wonder why?

So I was kinda surprised at how big they were, but they weren't that heavy, so cool!

Definitely for a classy day out, or a jeans and t shirt kind of day, well maybe v neck.

So the reason i got the earrings, besides the code, was that the first 500 that ordered with the code would get a piece for free! w00t! so yeah I got a free piece. i was hoping to get another pair of earrings, hell anything free would be good, but what I got...

I got this thing called the pin up necklace. and its a giant pin. I have no idea what to do with it. So here I am trying to trade, sell, whatever it away. Cause its just gonna sit here. i tried on the fb page but so far nothing. Anyone here want it? Contact me!

and always just so you know, i get no $$$ or anything from jewelmint when I review or blog about them. NOTHING. Though it would be nice, but no, I get nothing.

but here is my something invitation link

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