Monell's = eating time

Time to break out the stretchy pants for realz now! Put your calorie counting apps away! There is no room for them here, as well as your bad attitude for having to share a table with strangers. Course if you're asian like me then you have no problem, cause hell we share tables at dim sum and have no problem eating and having a good time. Yes we asians have a good time.

Monell's is a communal style eating place. You sit at a giant table with strangers, you get food and pass it around like its Sunday dinner. It's awesome. The food comes quickly, there's no menu to order off. They bring the food, if you don't like it, pass it on. Course there's so much food you just have to take a piece of something and you're good. Trust me, 30 min later you will be stuffed to the point where you're stretchy pants will rip! Yes its THAT good!

Here have some biscuits! Don't load up on these cause you will get stuffed real fast! They bring you food when they make it, and it comes in baskets so take one and pass it along. Now aren't you glad you wore your stretchy pants?

Here have some fried green tomatoes. There are no old ladies here talking from that movie! God I never did get the point of that movie, other than the endless talking and how I fell asleep when it started. Blah blah blah in the movie.

Have some cheesy potatoes. Actually I forget what they were called but they were cheesy potatoes and they were cheesetastic!

Pulled pork

Cinnamon apples. I'm not a fan of these. Just me personally, course you are more than free to gobble these up!

Creamed corn! So tasty! I have no idea what or how they make it but damn it tastes so damn good that I had seconds!

Meatloaf! That was their special of the night along with the pulled pork. I know my pics aren't the usual spread wide food porn shots, cause I had to pass it along cause there were other people at the table waiting. So I had to take a fast shot and pass it along before they got pissy at me. 

Have some catfish! Yes they're big on catfish here. Mostly cause they come from the lakes here, so they have lots of catfish, and fried!

Green beans. As you can see people didn't want to wait and just started getting food! These were really good. I don't know what they do, but every place down south makes awesome green beans!

Fried chicken! This is what I came here for! I raved about how awesome they were on yelp, and the owner of monell's messaged me, thanking me for writing great review of them and that they move about 12 tons of chicken through their restaurant a month. damn that's a lot of chicken.

And yes I ate dessert! Banana pudding. Dear god, I'm a fat bitch!

And this is the ticket you get at the end. So you go up to the register and pay. It's all you can eat so everyone pays the same price. AND no one gets screwed over in what they did or didn't eat. On weekdays its 13 bucks. but since we went on a weekend it was 3bucks more. But seriously, for the amount of food we ate, we got a great deal! Seriously, where can you find a place that gives you all you that food and only charges under 20? You'd NEVER find a place like this in NYC.

And it's located in this house. It really is like eating in your grandma's house, if my grandma were a southern belle. They have another location in this plantation house. Think Forrest Gump, with the huge house and the long driveway to get to it. I'd so go there.

Have your eyes gained 10lbs while staring at the screen? I'm telling you, down south they know how to make great food! Granted I am a Yankee, and from a blue state, but damn they make awesome food here, and are very polite and friendly. That still catches me off guard at times. You know cause I'm a hardened New Yorker.

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OMG! I'll need stretchy pants for each cheek! Delish - those biscuits!