Loveless Cafe its biscuit time!

Domo went to Loveless Cafe, which is pretty fucking awesome. Lots of people have talked about this place and they weren't lying. Bring your stretchy pants! There is NO dieting here. That above pic is of their gift shop, yes they have one. Hames & Jams. You can buy ham, bacon popcorn, and biscuit mix there. And oh their biscuits are amazing! These are not the crappy ones you get at kfc. I swear they must put lard or bacon or something in there that make them so damn good!

Look they have rocking chairs for you to rock on. Apparently people like to rock down there. Its the thing to do when there's a crazy wait there.

Look Domo's getting into it and trying to blend like the locals. Doesn't he look cute?

Here's Domo at Loveless, yes its brightly lit up as you can tell. You can't miss it from the road, seriously, the way its lit up, you can't miss it!

Domo looking at the menu, what to order?

OMG the biscuits are here! Domo is not sharing with you! Cmon Domo lemme have one! RAWR! They come with 3 jams. Peach, blackberry and strawberry. They're all amazing. Damn I really love southern food!

And cause I'm classy and down south, I got a bloody mary in a mason jar. What? Who says that's only for brunch? Cmon now, it was mighty tasty!

Oh look what else Domo found? Its jack and lemonade! It was so tasty! I drank it and couldn't really taste the jack. Course I had downed my bloody mary by then. Domo always knows where the good stuff is!

I got the fried chicken which was amazing! Domo is all up on my food already!

These are fried green tomatoes. I've never had them before, nor have I seen the movie either, but they were damn tasty!

These are green beans. I swear that down south, these beans taste amazing and I have no idea what the hell they do to them! Every place I went to made great green beans!

This fried chicken was awesome! They love chicken down there. At first I wanted more chicken but after eating everything i was incredibly stuffed to the point where I felt like I would explode!

This is the pulled pork, catfish platter, comes with a hush puppy, and yes the pulled pork is on top of a pancake! How can you go wrong with that?!

They make some amazing creamed corn. My god, I don't know what they put in it, maybe crack, cause it was crazy addicting! This place has the best creamed corn EVER! And I will fight you for it!

You know you want some of this pulled pork. Stop drooling on the screen! And it sits on pancakes! Pancakes!

Oh guess what? More biscuits! And guess what? That's sausage gravy! And it tastes like sausage! I swear there are times I want to drink gravy with a straw if I could! Don't you give me that look! You would too if you tried it!

These biscuits may look small but they are filling! I only ate 2, cause if I ate anymore I wouldn't have room for my dinner! And yes I got the biscuit mix. I just need to go to walmart and get bucket or lard. jk! No! Domo has demanded that I make him biscuits already, so NONE for you!

Oh look, pie! Dessert time! Its a lemon icebox pie. My god it was good, none of that cool whip crap, this was real! It was real butter and heavy cream and all that good stuff. 

Domo liked this pie, but Domo was ready to explode afterwards. So was I. Tenn is making me a fat bitch. I need to run about a million laps to make up for this gorgefest. But damn it was so good....If you're ever in Tenn, go to Lovelvess! So worth it! Get biscuits! Take them to go too! You won't regret it! 

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Jamilla Camel said...

OMG! No wonder the older folk are carrying wide loads - that food looks so good! Domo looks so happy!

M.A.C.nunu said...

OMG I got fatter just from reading this post!