J. Daniels is MY BF!

Why the hell would I go to Tenn? Oh cause the J.D. Distillery is there! It is in fact the #1 selling american whiskey! And of course after going to Jameson in Ireland, I HAD to see Jack. Ironically the J.D. distillery is located in a dry county. Translation they don't drink there, they don't sell booze there, so you ain't getting no free sample of whiskey! WTF? Are we in bizzaro world? Yes, we are. What fuckery is this? How do you have a whiskey distillery and not give out free samples? Good job bible belt! Domo wanted to come and see what fuckery was a foot as well. So off we went. The J.D. distillery is located about 2 hours from Nashville. Just so you know. And yes you will see a piggly wiggly on the way there, and people driving lawn mowers around a la hank hill.

So here is Domo with Jack. He wasn't a very tall man, but he knew how to make a good whiskey! There were a lot of people there, including bikers, kids, grandparents and various other people. Oh and some bitch hit me with the bathroom door as I was walking out, and then gave me this look like I was crazy when I looked at her going WTF? That was followed by an "EXCUSE YOU!" I guess its completely normal for people to swing open the bathroom door and hit people and then act like it was completely not your fault and then stare obsessively like a freak. Must be the fact that its a dry county.

Here's the golden ticket! the tour itself is free, and there's one every 30 min.

Here's Domo with J. Daniel's hat and clothes.

Here's a register. Old skool. They had lots of stuff about J. Daniels in this building. And lots of J.D. to look at. But they told us during the tour we could only take pics outside and not inside the buildings for whatever reason. Except for Jack's office.

Whiskey making process.

Whiskey maturation.

I don't know what's more disturbing the fact that its in a bottle or the fact that its diet!

Yeah I know, it was behind a glass and you can see my camera reflection. but seriously, everything great comes in a can! A can!

The tour starts outside, and it was freaking HOT. it was like 90+ degrees, almost 100! so this is where they burn stuff!

Old school fire trucks.

The water source of whiskey. They don't know what the source is. But the temperature is always the same here. 66f. In the summer and winter. It felt so much cooler as we walked closer to it, and we were so happy that we could rest for a second in the melting heat.

sup Jack...

This is Jack's safe. Story goes, Jack came to work early and wanted to get some work done, but his papers were in the safe. He didn't remember the safe, so he tried and tried,and in frustration he kicked it. He smashed up his toe real good. It got worse, and he had to get it removed. But the gangre set in and they had to take his foot off. For some reason he wasn't getting better, so they took his leg off. He still didn't get better. and he died. :( Moral of the story is, don't go to work early!

Hmm. Ducks...tasty ducks...you'd look so good with some scallions, cucumbers and hoysin sauce.

Domo was very happy to be here!

The rest of the tour was very informative, we couldn't take pics inside the buildings, but we saw them making whiskey and smelled the fermentation, and the mellowing part. Damn that's whiskey all right! They gave you free lemonade at the end.

It's a good tour if you like booze or whiskey. If you're in AA this would NOT be the place to go. There's a town nearby, which consists about 8 buildings or something. Pretty small, but they sell the JD merchandise. But its pretty pricy, in fact its the same price as the airport! That's saying a lot!

And this is their motto!

I did buy a single barrel for my bro and got it engraved. yes they do that there. Its some collector's bottle with a duck legband. My bro really likes it cause he says it has his name on it. so there's no mistaking who's whiskey it is!

Now that I've gone and see Mr. Jameson in Ireland, and Mr. Daniels in Tenn, all that's left is Mr. Walker in Scotland! We're making space for Mr. Walker next to Mr Jameson and Mr Daniels. The Trifecta of Whiskey!

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