Heading south to Nashville

Domo decided to take a trip down to Nashville with a few people. NYC as the greatest city in the world, after a while it does wear you down. So I headed out with Domo down south to drink sweet tea, biscuits & gravy, fried bologna and fried chicken.

I hate flying out of LGA aka laguardia, as it is hell on earth, but more about that later. I really like jetblue, but damnit they don't fly to nashville, so here I am cursed to fly all these crappier airlines. And they are crappy.

(at least my mom took me to nascar!)

After a layover over in charlotte, the birthplace of Nascar, I finally landed in the country music capital of the south. *shudders* they love taylor swift a wee bit too much down there. Just saying.

First stop, where do I go? Chick-fil-a. We have one in NYC, its in NYU and its closed for the summer, and that does royally suck. That and the fact that we have disgruntle workers there doesn't help.

But damn, they make good chicken sandwiches! When I was flying out i went and got 2 chicken sandwiches. Don't judge me! One for the airport and then 1 for the layover I had in Milwaukee. And they have the cutest ketchup things ever!

Oh here's a pic of the sandwich, it comes with pickles!

And then for dinner, had some bbq! Not just any bbq, but Martin's BBQ, who were at the Big Apple Block party this year and years past. They served whole hog at the block party. So when given the chance to eat at the actual location, Domo drooled all the way there!

got the sampler, pulled pork, brisket, ribs, coleslaw, beans, and of course sweet tea!

Also got the smokey wings, they were punch a baby good! I was nom noming like crazy! The people there are friendly, cause it is the south and it is a red state too remember that!

Check out my sexy brisket! Stop drooling!

Martin's bbq! Look a mini smoke stack.

If you're in the area check them out!

Then it was off to get ice cream, but not just any ice cream. Jeni's ice cream who makes these different flavors.

Yes its cornfed midwest ice cream!
This one is lavender ice cream. really. Under that is the sweet corn with raspberries.

This is chocolate chili, Domo says its hot! Well its not that hot, it has a burn to it but its also cold ice cream, it kinda throws your brain for a second.

But don't worry, Domo is ok, he had some chilly pops to cool off. Nashville is HOT! It was 90+ degrees! At one point it was 100F! That's just beyond hot, its melting!

More pics, more food, JD factory, and ruckus coming up! You didn't think Domo would behave down south did you?

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MeiBelle said...

man, your post just made me so effin hungry. It looks like you had a blast! <3

Jamilla Camel said...

You and Domo did us proud, munching your way through Nashville!