Jewelmint Review

So apparently Jewelmint was all the craze last month. Kate Bosworth dazzle me! Show me your bling and show me something so awesome that I can't say no! Well actually, they gave me a %50 off code, so I was all for that, plus free shipping, so that suckered me in.

You should all know, I'm not getting a penny or anything for this review. I make no $$ or anything off this, nor do I get any free bling from her. This is my honest review of stuff.

So the bling comes in these cute boxes with a ribbon. Ok, not bad, I'm gonna just stack these instead of put them in the jewelry box that my brother broke when i was 12.

So I got these earrings cause they were pretty and feminine, I saw them on the site and were like purdy....

These earrings are kinda big as you can see. I have a normal sized ear. I think it's sold out on the site now. But its definitely blingy.

I picked up this bracelet as well. It's called the Mumbai bracelet. No I didn't name it that.

Bracelet in action!

You hook it on the other side. Its metal and decent quality, its better than the stuff you find at claires. Its not terribly heavy, but you wouldn't walk through the metal detector at the airport with this thing on. 

When you order, you automatically become a member and every month they'll email you the new month's stuff they have, course if you don't say skip this month they'll charge you 29.99. yes. so once you order, you have to call them to cancel your membership or make you one of those other members that can view but won't get charged. Believe me, I was seriously annoyed that I got charged 29.99 when I didn't buy anything! I had to call them and get it cleared up. 

I picked up this item in silver. I like the zipper action on it. I'll review it once I get it. 
Overall their stuff is pretty good, everything is 30 bucks and you get free shipping if you're in the US. The quality of their stuff is good, the earrings were blingy and nice, the bracelet wasn't totally crappy, but i wouldn't have paid full price for it. good thing for coupon codes. I don't like how they charge you 30 bucks automatically every month. but that 30 bucks goes towards buying any piece you want, and they call it credits. Whatever, don't charge me for stuff that i didn't buy! 

Kate Bosworth apparently found life after Blue Crush. Some of her pieces are pretty interesting and some are just ugh. Either way she has good taste in men...
Yes that is Eric Northman aka Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood, and yes he's not with her anymore, so feel free to stare and drool ladies...

Continue drooling....

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4 stalkers:

Jamilla Camel said...

Domo has good taste!

MeiBelle said...

Oh, oh, you don't have to call, just the beginning of every month, when it says that your showroom or whatever is ready, click the "skip the month" option to not get charged =)

I still love those Audrey earrings, hopefully next month I can get some bling blingey ^^

M.A.C.nunu said...

Oh dude are you serious that you have to cancel every month?
That's annoying!
Are you sure that Domo doesn't have godzilla ears?xD
OMGOMG so you mean she actually got to shag The Viking??!!

Tammy said...

I love those earrings!!! Having to call to cancel would annoy me though..

I LOVE the Viking... Team Viking!!