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I've been traveling a bit this past year and so forth, and I decided to share some info about it, mostly from my experiences and trying out different products and what not. Traveling outside the US is a whole different game than traveling within the US.

There's a couple of things you should be aware of when traveling abroad. One of them is the power/wattage/volts/current of their outlets. Please note that outside of the US, the rest of the world has different voltage. In the US, its 110. In europe its 220. Now if you plug your hair dryer for the us into an european outlet, you may kill your hair dryer which is not a good thing, considering if you brought your expensive hair dyer you'd be mighty pissed if it killed itself while you're hair is still wet. Though when traveling abroad, you should really travel as light as possible.

Anyways not to get too technical, you need to get a power adapter. No its not for my hair dryer. Its for charging my camera batteries and my flip camera. And for some of you, your laptop or tablet. I have a dumb phone so it won't work overseas so I just turn it off and leave it off for the duration of the trip.  I have one like the picture above. I have 2 actually. I took it with me to Turkey and Ireland. It was very different in both countries. Good thing the adapter is labeled for you, so you know which country or area of the world to pick. Its pretty easy to use. And it stays in the outlet without falling! I like it cause its fairly small and it doesn't get stuck in the outlet. It's easy to use, the prongs pop out easily and it was pretty affordable.

My friend bought the Tumi one which cost him a fortune, and it keeps getting stuck, which is beyond frustrating at times, especially if you're tired and you have to charge your camera batteries before going to sleep. It does look cool and sleek, but it gets stuck. And it cost $50 for one! If you want to feel special that your power adapter matches your tumi luggage, then go right ahead and get this one. But don't get mad when it gets stuck, and you're trying to get the plug out of the adapter so you can throw everything into your bag and go sight seeing.

I've also noticed that things charge way faster in europe. Must be that they have more power in their outlets than we do here. So charge everything while your'e there! No I'm just kidding!

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