extreme couponing anyone?

I'm sure most of you have seen the show on TLC, or heard of it. I looked into it and well after doing it for a month, I can honestly say its awesome! (I do NOT dumpster dive like the above mentioned picture)
I know some of you are thinking, god couponing is such a time waster, or you buy stuff you don't need, or its such a grandma thing to do. I've been getting some questions about the stuff I've been getting and how I get it, so I'm gonna break it down. 

I'm lazy, your'e lazy, we're all lazy, I get that. I don't sit around and look through al the circulars and flyers and cross check with an excel spreadsheet. Instead, I just google. Yes, I check out sites like krazycouponlady, coupondivas, couponmom etc. Seriously google is awesome and these sites basically tell you what's on sale this week, which store, which coupon to use, and how much it should cost. Seriously that's a no brainer. You can't be that lazy can you?

I started hitting the drugstores first, cause they seemed to be the easiest. Stores like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens give you back reward points or bucks that you can use on your next purchase. Sometimes you don't need a coupon. Yay for lazy ppl!

You can find coupons in your sunday newspaper. I usually buy in even numbers, cause sometimes you have to buy 2 items to get reward bucks or a gift card or a 3rd item for free. So even digits it is. I also noticed that papers vary from area to area. Even within NYC, manhatten papers have different coupons from the ones in queens and etc. I usually flip through it quick to see. Yes, I've made friends with my 7-11 guy where he knows I'm going to buy the papers but just checking to see if the coupons are there. He doesn't care that I'm going through it, I'm not reading it and he knows that and he's cool with it. 

My other friend made friends with his 7-11 guy where he takes all the sunday papers around midnight and recycles it for him, but takes the inserts. You can find coupons in apt buildings, or the circular bags they throw onto houses. Its free coupons, and if your friends don't want them, ask for them. No I have not gone to the recycle center to get coupons. 

I keep my coupons in a binder. Yes, you have to be organized, otherwise after 2 weeks of sunday papers coupons get everywhere. You have to be organized, that way when you go into the store to buy your items you have everything you need and can get in and out quickly. You don't want to be stuck in the store because you don't have the coupon for an item. Plus people tend to give me stink eye when they see I have coupons. Plz bitch, I'm not paying full price for anything here, too bad you are.

People say couponing are a waste of time. Really? How long does it take you to clip coupons? Not long. I clip my coupons on sunday, and put them into my binder, overall it doesn't take that long. Probably 15 minutes. I don't clip every coupon in the inserts. I clip the ones for things I want, or know I will buy. Things like diapers, cat food, air freshners, dog treats, I don't clip. I throw them into a folder and give them to my friends. 

People who say that couponing makes you buy stuff you don't need. Here's a list of things you need, things that you will end up buying for the rest of your life. 
Toilet paper. Maxi pads or tampons. Soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. Body wash. Lotion. Toothpaste. Toothbrush. dental floss. laundry detergent.
Now can you honestly say you won't buy the above mentioned for the rest of your life? When this stuff goes on sale, I get them. Sometimes for free, sometimes for a dollar or less. So I stock up. That way I don't have to buy it for the rest of the year.  Yes all the the money I make can be spent on other things like a trip to Morocco. 

I started going to the grocery store, and extreme couponing there is where the big kids play. You can't go there half assed and thinking you can wing it. You gotta know what your'e getting, have the coupon in hand and be ready to go. Most places in NYC have a limit, so there's no clearing the shelf. Sadly I wish I were down south near a Krogers. Then again I don't have that many coupons either. Not like I have 50 coupons for hot dogs. 

You gotta know the coupon policy of each store. Its a good idea to print it out, that way if the register person gives you a hard time, you have a physical copy of something to show them. Never loose your temper or get angry at the check out person. You're never going to get anywhere. Breathe and be calm. I've noticed that girl check out people tend to look at each and every coupon and examine it. Course they never READ it, they just look at the picture. I had an incident where the lady was like this coupon isn't for this item, but it scanned but I'll allow it. Bitch plz. If you bothered to READ the coupon it says ANY product they make, but arguing with her and calling her out and her inability to read wouldn't have made check out faster in fact she would have fought me and caused a scene. Guys who work at the register don't seem to care, especially the teenage ones, if the scans, it scans and they move things along. FYI for next time.

This was the first thing I bought with couponing. I went to the site totallytarget and they showed the sales and the coupons needed. 

Basically I got the john frieda full repair coupons which were $5 off any full repair styler item. 
They were on sale at Target for about 5.99 some cost more than others.
If you bought 3 you got a $5 target gift card.
And target had a coupon on their site for $3 off any 2 John Frieda items. 

I ended up buy mostly all the items from this haircare line cause of this deal, and getting a lot of gift cards that I used on other stuff.

But if you want to know the math.
5.99 for each item. you use 3 of the $5 off coupons so you're total is 99 cents x 3 = 2.97
Ok that's not bad right there you're only paying 2.97 for 3 john frieda items. BUT wait there's more! Use the target coupon which is $3 off 2 john frieda items. and guess what? Its FREE! And then you get a $5 gift card. You can see why I went back to get more. Now is extreme couponing not worth your time?

Granted you will not get stuff for free all the time. You'll get it for 50%-80% off the retail price which is pretty damn sweet. 

It's a john frieda kind of day. I should do a review on these products. I got the hair foam for 3.99. It was 11.99 at target. I used a manufacture coupon which was $3 off. Then I used a target coupon which was $5 off. 8 bucks off in couponing is pretty awesome. Yes target will allow you to use ONE manufacture coupon and 1 Target coupon together on 1 item. Read those coupon policies!

Toothpaste was free. Toothbrushes were free. John Frieda was free. The bayer was on sale at Rite Aid and they gave you reward bucks for it so I physically paid 1.99 for it BUT it had a rebate so I made my money back and then some!

The Fat foam was 99 cents after coupons. Tothpaste free. Fish oil was free. Aspirin free. The garnier lotions and face wash was $2 each. Not bad I get to try their new line for 2 bucks each. 

Toothbrushes free. the dry shampoo was free cause they offered a rebate. The dial lotion and body wash were $1 each cause I had a coupon and they were giving reward bucks. That's a lot of lotion and body wash there. Considering I'm doing insanity and sweating like a mofo in the mornings I'm glad I'm stocking up on body wash.

I think I have enough deodorant till next year. This is the brand and deodorant that I really like, so when it went on sale, and I had coupons, I got a lot! That and if you spent x amount at cvs they'd give you more reward bucks back so these dove deodorants cost me 1.29 each. The cereal was on sale, bogo! buy one get one free, and reward bucks and couponing, they came out to around $1 each. 

You're all wondering why do I have so many of these razors. I gave some away actually, and guy razors are just as good if not better than girl razors. Plus these were all FREE! say it with me. FREE! Don't get mad at me, I wasn't the one that cleared the shelf. I went to 2 Targets with friends, there were plenty left. Course I'm sure other ppl went crazy and bought them cause they were on sale for 6.49 each and Target gave you a $5 gift card. Well I had a $4 off coupon, which made them 2.49 each. 

Now are you ready to go couponing? It doesn't have to be extreme, just buy 2 sunday papers and start from there. Happy clipping!

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Tammy said...

Great post!! I really get annoyed when people say couponing is a waste of time. I honestly can't believe how much I have saved because of couponing.