Lovely Day for a Guinness!

Domo flies aer lingus!

What does one do when they find an amazing deal to go to ireland? You book it, screw everyone else and get on a plane and go that's what! I found this amazing deal to fly to dublin, stay for 5 nights and then fly me back! all for $549! After taxes it was $700, but hell airfare alone if I booked it separately was 400+! I think I found a good deal! What happens however, like vegas, stays in ireland!

First off the plane, the first thing we do is wander around Dublin, duh! We found this place and decided to check it out, mostly because of the sign. Probably the best pizza in dublin. Yeah the New Yorker in me had to see!

The pizza there is thick crust. And its got various toppings, as you can see from the pic, yes that IS corn on pizza!

This was some awesome soda. Orange and fizzy! Damn why don't they have this in the states?

Yes! That IS a Guinness truck! They're all over the place! The Guinness in Ireland is SO different from the ones we drink here stateside. The ones here kinda turn rancid in a sense. Its so sad, once you've had the good stuff you can't ever drink it elsewhere ever again! 

The golden ticket! You know I had to go here! Hello Guinness! This is the THE brewery of all other breweries. Let's face it, they will all pale in comparison to what is know it, I know it! If you don't normally like Guinness, try it in Ireland. If you still don't like it, I'll drink it for you!

He's pouring my lovely Guinness. They come in pint and half pints. Why don't we have that here in the states? Why are we drinking out of tiny glasses?! What is the logic in that? see the Irish have figured it out, drink a pint, talk a few and drink another pint and see how the day unfolds!

So many guinnesses!

Try to keep it classy people!

What does this button do? No Domo! Don't do it!

If you're a fan of Guinness you'll really like the storehouse, its like a mini museum of stuff all related to Guinness. There's a restaurant there where you can have lunch, a store to buy lots of stuff and give Guinness even more money, and you get a free pint at the end! Gravity bar! Or you can attempt to pour your own pint, but I let the professionals do it it.

Oh Guinness! I miss you already!

Of course we went here! It's my bro's fave whiskey of all time! Ireland really knows how to drink. They got 4 distilleries there, compared to 90 in scotland...

Hello Jameson!

They had the special 12 year distillery reserve, which is so smooth its like silk! No its better than a brazilian wax! And next to that is the Guinness Foreign extra draft. Its got more alcohol than normal guinness and was made in Nigera, and the Nigerans were like why your irish guinness so weaksauce? The Irish decided to sell it in Ireland. 

Yes this is THE ship used in the Jameson commercial. Cause mr Jameson was a real man! And its the preferred drink of porn stars! Yeah I went there!
Here's the commercial. Oh Mr Jameson, you're a real man! Going after your whiskey!

And at the end you get a glass to drink. Though in the beginning they ask for volunteers for a whiskey tasting. We all want in on this, but they only pick a few. You get to taste an irish whiskey, a scottish whiskey, and an american whiskey. They teach you how to drink it correctly for a tasting, to smell and taste the aromas and how to taste for the burnt barrel taste that american whiskey has. I learned a lot about whiskey making. And I've decided to visit the other 2 whiskey distilleries out there. 

Wandered around the Temple Bar area, its not really a bar, well there is a bar called Temple, but as you can see from the bench its not a bar pub, its an area. And its got the most bars per square feet or meters than in any other area in Ireland. The Irish have got their priorities right!

We so did the touristy thing. Luckily a lot of these things are close together, well not too far. You should definitely use the hop on hop off buses there. The ticket you buy is good for 2 days and they'll drive you to all these spots. When your'e done with one, you can jump on the bus and go to the next.

That's Trinity College, its got the Book of Kells. But you can't take pics of it inside, cause its old as dirt, and displayed in dim lighting. People crowd around it to look at 2 pages. Eh. The long room is way more interesting. It has the Guinness Harp! lol!

Kilmainham Gaol. This is a prison, built by the British. A lot of political prisoners were held here. A lot of irish rebels, and a lot of history happend here. I learned a lot about Irish history, their fight to break away from England and how they're always fighting, if it wasn't the british, then it was each other. They were always fighting, but it seems today they seem to like drinking more!

The Irish rebels that were executed here, by the British so swifty and cruely sparked sympathy for the rebels and the Irish people began to revolt and fight for their freedom.

This was the cell of an Irish Rebel, who got married a few hours before his execution. He only had 10 minutes to spend with his wife, while the British soldier stood outside counting the minutes.

This sculpture is across the street from the prison. It represents the 13 Irish rebels that were executed. The british decided that these 13 were the leaders of the easter day rebellion that destroyed the city fo dublin and the post office. So they were executed within days of their surrender. The chair is for Connelly, he had been shot during the fighting. Back then if you were shot, you were kinda done. But they kept him alive, barely, he had gangrene, he couldn't even get up or stand. They basically dragged him into the prison, tied him to a chair, blind folded him and was shot by firing square. Like the man was going to die regardless, but they were kinda harsh. His execution sparked the Irish people to seriously fight the British. 

This place was kind of a let down. Where locals go to get cheap food so says the guide book. eh...

Is this hipster art? Have the hipsters reached Ireland!?

Domo and I drank A LOT of Guinness there. If you couldn't tell. I took an obscene amount of pictures there too, so next post will be what your'e all waiting for! FOOD PORN!!!! Yeah, you know you want it, all your tongues wagging and your mouth salivating on the screen already. Let me tell you about Irish god...those animals are HAPPY!

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You and Domo are doing the rounds! Love the pics, as always!

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This sounds like a GREAT trip!!! I want to go to Ireland!! Where did you stay??

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