Another Betsey Johnson Sample sale!

Yes ladies, it was that time of the year again, put on your riot gear, and get ready to slap some women who need to check themselves! For realz! This sample sale was filled with bitch snotty girls for some reason. Like shit bitch, you see me standing there and you HAVE to be right up on my ass for some reason, like CHILL! 

Some dresses were uber cute, some were screaming buy me, but * cries * was in the smallest size humanly possible! SO UNFAIR! Who wears a size 2?! or size 0?! Apparently the normal sized people got there first at 10am! Don't you bitches work?! I mean seriously! These crazy women were lined up before 10am like crazies! 

I made my rounds, the annoying lady with the annoying voice was there, omfg, shut up already, its such a high pitched whiny voice I'm ready to stab you in the neck! And kankle girl was there, trying oh so hard to be "fashionable" *chuckles* I mean cmon now...but that was entertaining to say the least.

I'm gonna hit them up one more time before the sale ends, they usually slash prices even more, and I like to see if there's anything good left. Yes, I like to be frugal here. 

Yes here's my haul, no I'm not wearing them, cause i'm lazy. There I said it. Plus I snagged some swimsuits for more than 60% off! I was like nowai! Imagine my surprise when I saw them ON THE websites STILL selling for full price! 

They are STILL selling this on the betsey johnson website at full price!

OMFG! I can't believe it! I scored a great deal! And no I would never pay that much for a bikini!

That's the back of the bikini bottm. Its pretty cute. If you're wondering, there's a BLACK lining on the inside of both the top and bottom, so its not a free show! Also the bottom isn't the same size as the top. Apparently some lady decided to snag the matching bottom and run off with it. So the bottom is one size bigger than the top, but its ok, I don't want my ass hanging out. 

This is also FULL price on the Betsey site! Insane to think how much this thing is! Oh and apparently some lady thought the bottom was uber cute and just bought that and left the top. So sad. But its uber cute and the back does a criss cross thing and then you have to tie it. I like it and if it were a tankini would totally wear it outside. 

Full price?! EEK!

So this is what the matching bottom looks like. Its out there somewhere being worn mismatched! 

I picked these up cause they were cute and yes they are shorts. Your booty is safe in these.. I googled and saw they were full price on her site again!

Your booty is fine in these, ain't no free show as you can see. 

This is a cute cotton dress for the summer, polka dots anyone? AND it has pockets! I love betsey! 

And its got a huge bow in the back! w00t!

I bought this jacket cause of the back. These rude girls were pushing me out of the section trying to get these jackets, but haa haa! You're ALL TOO BIG for this size! So it's MINE!!!

This is what the jacket looks like on a person. No that's not me. Its got a nice victorian feel to it with the bustle in the back.

This pic came out bad didn't it? Its a cream colored top, they wanted to charge me for a dress, but i was like NO NO NO! This is FAR too short to be a dress! scandalous short! Its pretty light and airy, perfect for summer, its a cream color and the ribbons tie in the back. It says Press sample whatever that means, either way I got it at a steal! They had a LONG dress of this, like LONG to the floor. It was cute, but I seriously had no idea where I would wear it to. *sigh*

This belt was only 10 bucks and it was pretty cute. Yes I will be wearing a belt again! *gasp* 

So that's all I got. I may pick up a few more things when I go on the last day. they are known for slashing prices towards the end to get rid of stuff. I have no problem with that. I usually buy stuff that I know will be gone after the first day, mostly the cute dresses and jackets. and there was only 1 pair of those shorts left, so i grabbed it. Same goes for the swim suits. mismatched bottoms and missing bottoms. damn women!

There was this grandma, yes grandma there, leathery skin and all grabbing up ALL the cute dresses without shame! She had a HUGE pile of dresses she was trying on, I was lik that is NOT age appropriate for you to be wearing a dress like that. Yes, you sometimes need to act your age and NOT wear a strapless tight mini dress, cause there are some things people DO NOT want to see! OMFG there were granny panties there! My eyes! 

One thing I saw was that A LOT of girls love to try stuff on bra less. as stated before, I DO NOT want your sweaty hairy nipples touching my dress! Some girls will literally just take their bra's off and sweat right onto the dress going does this look good on me while my boobs are completely out there?! My god woman zip yourself up! Have some shame! One girl was there in a thong just letting everything hang out. *barfs a little* i don't want to see cottage cheese anywhere! I just want to try on stuff and leave. I don't really look, but if you're yelling for ppl to look at you, parading around like that, you're just an attention whore. WTF?! We're here to buy clothes not look at your jiggly cottage cheese ass and saggy tits. 

But if your'e ever in NYC when the sample sale is on, you should definitely check it out. 

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awww i lovee ur purchases <3 and it looks like u had so much fun on ur trips :) i hope you're doing well hon <3