..and we're off like a prom dress again!

Where have I been? The question is where haven't I been? Feb has been a crazy month indeed! Met a lot of cool people, worked some random gigs again, networked, got booked for other gigs, my phone has been ringing and ppl are calling to book me. So *knocks on wood* life is good and I'm pretty damn busy and productive.

If you follow my twitter you can hear about my craziness. If you follow my foursquare, then you'll know I enjoy annoying people in the same fashion they like to annoy me with. Course I only make it a point to check into places where I don't mind running into people. I don't make a casa of ethereal and check into it religiously so I can be the lame ass mayor. No need for that.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm off to Turkey. Yes, I'm off to Europe again. This is one of the few trips that I've taken in a while that requires more than just a carry on. Most trips I live out of a carry on, that and the fact that I love jetblue and their huge overhead spaces.

So this time around I had to get actual luggage. The last time I had to bring a suitcase was when I went to Paris years ago. But I'm still using the same LAMB for Lesportsac bag I did on that trip, damn that bag has lasted awhile. It has gone on many trips with me all over the place. Totally worth buying! (no that is not my pic, i'm trying to finish up packing here!)

Anyways, so i was looking for luggage to get, with the nice rolly wheels and the handle, and I ended up getting this one. I got the medium sized one, it was $49 at TJ.Maxx! I don't want to get the same ugly black luggage as everyone else. That and the fact that when it comes down the carousel, you're not standing there going, is that one mine? No, oh is that one mine? No, ohh is that one mine? Yeah, I don't have time for that. I'd rather go, yes this is my bright ass luggage! I also got this cute cupcake luggage tag. I was going to get the orange M&M tsa lock, but it the M&M was pretty damn big, but the lock itself was kinda small. boo!

So I'll be off in Turkey, 3 days in Instabul. ( no bitch don't be singing that annoying ass song) and then a couple of other days all around Turkey. I'm going to some nice sulfury springs, a balloon ride in some area with large pointy rock formations, (sounds like a video game) and a few other things that I can't remember.

Yes Domo will be coming along, as well as Labbit who's smorking all day. Then again Turkey is a country that loves to smoke so Labbit will fit right in.

So for 2 weeks I will be utterly disconnected from my interwebs world. I have a dumb phone, no I don't need a phone in turkey considering how much sight seeing and stuff I'll be doing. And as much as I would love to twitpic and facebook all the stuff i'm doing, eating, drinking, seeing, etc, I'd rather just experience it and take a pic or video and show you guys later. I think it will be liberating not to be so connected to everything, you know life before the interwebs blew up.

I picked up a couple of travel items that I'll review and see how they work on the trip. Its a 10 hour flight to Turkey, and they're 6 hours ahead. This trip will be fun.

I'll see you all in 2 weeks or so. I got booked right after my trip, actually its when I get back. I hope I'm not super jet lagged.

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sophie said...

come baq soon <3 & i cannot wait to hear about the yummy food and sights