NYC Night Food Crawl

What NYC night wouldn't be complete without a food crawl? I especially like the St. Marks area cause all those restaurants and all that food all within walking distance.

Yes, welcome to the Fat Bastards Club. You've got your lifetime membership right here. People pathetically lying to themselves about their new years resolution to work out and eat right can just leave right now.

I forget how or why, but we ended up going out cause one of my friends had a co worker who was in town and was from ohio. What the hell is in Ohio? Is there anything there? Who knows. So we had to show him what good food was, cause cmon its NYC!

We decided to hit up St Marks area cause there are a ton of places to go eat. And eat we did! It wasn't as cold in NYC as it had been before, so walking from place to place was tolerable.

First place we hit was Xian's Famous Foods. Why yes this place has been on TV, Mr Bourdain has eaten at the Flushing location, Mr Zimmerman has made noodles, that Asian chick from some cable show was there too, and some dude from cooking channel was raving about it. And Mr Man from Man Vs food was there too. This place has 4 locations, the one on st marks is SMALL. TINY! You may have to stand there and eat, but its ok, cause you'll inhale your food!

I took this pic with my camera phone, as you can see I had started devouring it. Lamb burger ftw! So yummy! Its got a kick, so if you're not down with spicy, then you should get the pork burger instead! Just as good but not spicy! And seriously, the lamb is the thing you should get!

Next stop, was Oh Taisho! Hmmm yakatori! Meat on a steak, seriously you can't go wrong there! I love chicken skin! Let me repeat I LOVE chicken skin! I'll punch a baby, slap your mama, punch a pregnant lady and a cripple and push an old man down the stairs for fun for chicken skin! Damn ain't I the nicest?

Meat on a stick is super awesome! Look at all these random things on sticks!

They gave us an extra pepper thing, cause we didn't order it, but whatever. It was super cramped in there, cause a part of 6 was squished into a table that was meant for 4, but whatever. The table next to us was hitting the sake hard, cause the guy fell back, hit his head on our table and got back up and acted like nothing happened. Damn that must have been some good sake! Just saying.

While we were eating or waiting at Oh Taisho, some of our friends went over to Butterlane Bakery to get some cupcakes since they close by 10, and yakatori takes a while. Yes we're fat bitches/fat bastards, welcome to the club. Butterlane was having a cupcake class when they went. I've taken the class before, its pretty fun, and you get to keep all those cupcakes!

After yakatori, yes, after, we were gonna head over to crif dogs, but then suddenly we remembered, Dessert Truck was back!

Oh Dessert Truck I have missed you. I shed a tear for you when you lost your truck permit, but rejoiced in your opening of a physical location aka DT Works, but nothing beats the truck! Cause when you're walking around St. Marks, you expect to see the Dessert Truck. Its expected! We had their throwdown winning bread pudding with BACON custard. Take that bobby flay!

Then we walked over to Crif Dogs, open till 3am. We got the spicy redneck, oh so tasty! Good morning, comes with an egg! And the chihuahua, comes with sexy avocado. All these dogs are wrapped in sexy bacon and deep fried! So tasty! And their speak easy is next door, plus I got a free sticker too!

Now after all that, I think we were all ready to throw up. That's why you gotta pace yourself and wear your stretchy pants! We went back to our friend's house and ate red velvet from Texas! So sexy! So tasty! And so heavy! That red velvet was a heavy cake!

And Domo & Labbit had a good time. Domo rawred! Labbit smorked! And that crystal skull head is really vodka.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a food tour for realz in NYC, course I don't deal well with stupid people, or people in general. I mean I do know great places to eat in NYC, and I could give a tour of it to people, but at the same idea, I have no idea where to start. That and the fact that stupid MTA got rid of the day fun pass, cause that would have worked out really great.

Though I wonder the places that I would take people to, if I have to talk to the actual food places about rates or do I just bring them in. Go figure. Guess I'll be googling it.

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