Top Fave Products of 2010

Another year is leaving and a new one is starting...and what are your fave products of this year? Here are mine in no particular order. Jump with me now!

I went to Fresh for a facial during spa week, and it cost $50, and that $50 went towards product, which was great. I a travel pack and loved the products inside, so I decided to get the full size versions when sephora did their yearly FF 20% off sale!

This is their Soy Face Cleanser. Its super gentle, removes make up and isn't drying at all. I really needed that when I was flying around to different cities this year, and my skin started to freak out from being so dry. I use it with my Clarisonic Mia at night, to remove make up and exfoliate.

Another great soy product is their moisturizer. Since its winter I have to step up the moisturizer, and my usual vitacreme 12 wasn't cutting it. This one is way more moisturizer, and helped my skin a lot in the winter and when I was flying to cities that had hard water.

This year was filled with how to grow your lashes out longer! I couldn't afford latisse, so I looked around for other options. Rapid lash was following me on twitter and would reply to me every so often. I got it, used it, and it worked!  w00t! Doesn't make your lashes thicker, but it does make your lashes longer! You can see my lashes now when I curl them! But buy it off Amazon cause it's cheaper there.

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner and its made my hair pretty soft and straight and healthy. I was pretty surprised, but it worked out well for my hair. My friend went to Japan and picked me up some. The first time I used it, it made my hair thicker, coarser which was weird, but now, my hair is soft and happy.

I love these My Beauty Diary sheet masks! When winter rolls around my skin gets way drier now, before I had oily skin but it looks like age have dried them up cause I'm drier than the sahara these days. I love these Bird's Mask ones, much love to @Macnunu for sending me some! After a flight, or night of drinking, or winter, my skin feels great!
Clipless curling irons! Using the normal curling irons, did not give my hair the curl I wanted. Holy crap this thing was diesel! Curled my hair and held it there most of the day without the use of any real hair product! wow! Just be careful cause you'll burn yourself!

Since someone who shall remain nameless broke my T3 iconic blowdryer that I've had for years, broke it, they replaced it with this one. I was kinda hesitant since I loved my old T3 but damn this Sedu is awesome! Its pretty light, and damn diesel! My hair is dried in 5 min or less now! I've noticed that when I have the ionic setting on it has started to make my hair puffier. At first it made my hair super straight and flat, but now its making it puffier with volume, which I really don't mind.

These are my new fave items, what are yours?

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Yumeko said...

love the list
must check out that mascara!!

mayaari said...

nice list! I'll need to look for that shampoo/conditioner after I use up the Tsubaki