Betsey Johnson Sample Sale haulage!

I know this entry is like way late and should have been posted a while ago when the sample sale was happening.

The Betsey Johnson Sample sale here in NYC was pretty decent, the prices weren't outrageous like the previous times. I managed to snag a couple of great items. Like always I go the first day to get stuff I really want then go back the last day to pick up stuff that's had their prices slashed. But since I was working this time around I couldn't go right when they opened up, I had to wait till after work. There wasn't a mad rush of people, mostly because I think it was super cold or raining or something. I can't remember. I know the weather was affecting some stuff.

I have to say, I'm being uber lazy in taking pics, I used my camera phone after the first haul.

This is a cotton dress I got, perfect for summer!  Yes I found these pics online, cause my camera phone pic you can't tell that well.

But since you don't believe me, here's my crappy camera phone pic!

Here's another cotton dress I got. Great for summer, and yes its the same print as the other one, But I really liked it so I figured why not?

Here's my camera phone pic!

I apparently picked up a real sample dress there as well, I didn't notice that it was a real sample until I looked at the tags after. I mean I tried it on and it was great, but I didn't know it was a real sample till later. These are all the views of it, but its in black and white.

Its black and white, but its the same style and cut as another dress I got a a year or so ago. Its cotton and great for summer, and its got pockets! w00t!


I snagged these awesome shoes as well. Not the same day of course. And they were missing the box too! lol! I love the pink bottoms!

Betsey Johnson Kittia shoe

These interweb pics show it off better than  my crappy camera phone pics.

But since you demand proof, here's my camera phone pics!

Close up of the lipstick part!
betsey johnson peep toe shoe

This pair is great for work! lol! Ok maybe not! It has hearts on the bottom!

Here's my camera phone pics!

These are a summer shoe, and they were super cheap!

I picked up some jewelry as well since I was down there! Wanna know what's in the box?

Its a cupcake set! Cute right?

Its a flower bracelet! Purpley!

Its a watermelon necklace! cute! Hee hee! Yes i snapped these pics really quick!

I love these earrings! I love the long earrings, esp mismatched!

I love these heart earrings! They're pretty cute and dainty.

This is pretty interesting necklace. It can be chunky but I really like the flowers and such.

I got this scarf cause I like what it! don't judge me! Its really long and super warm!

I love this scarf cause its so delicate, obviously not for winter wear!

I got this scarf cause it was crazy decorated with all the stuff attached to it. I mean it just screams out Betsey. And its warm too!

Its got these pom poms, lace and leaves on the ends. I feel girly when I wear it.

Oh I also ordered off the betsey site during their black friday sale, 40% off and free shipping.

Cause you know I can't resist a deal!

Here's some of the stuff I ordered. I didn't take a pic of everything there. I got a lot of tights, stockings, and tweezerman tweezers. Somewhere in there is a pair of earrings.

Hope you're all amused by my massive haul, not massive, but quite a large haul. And that is all my shopping I'm doing for this year and probably the next.

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MeiBelle said...

I am quite amused by your massive haul. I love everything you got especially the shoes and that black polka dot dress!

Tutti Patuti said...

OMG IM so jealous.. i have that betsey johnson floral dress too.. i love it.. i just dont know where to wear it .. hahaa