Betsey Johnson pop up sample shop

Pop up shops are everywhere! Betsey's got one! It has the stuff from the sample sale that didn't sell, and some other stuff. I went there today and picked up some stuff. If you're in NYC definately go there and check it out! More pics below

Mismatched lip earrings. They were 50% off, and they were pretty cute.

Mismatched seahorse and turtle earrings. I love the mismatched stuff! It was pretty cute!

I also picked up this dress. It has a HUGE bow in the back that you tie. Yes I am that lazy that I didn't take a pic and just left it in the bag for now. I'm wearing this dress to a wedding this weekend, since there are no tea parties at the present time and all.

Crazy busy at work, that I haven't been able to post pics of anything else, of food, parties, stuff that's been happening, contests that I've own, prizes I've gotten, betsey hauls and such. Its crazy cold in nyc and I'm crash holiday parties tomorrow. Hope you ladies are staying warm!

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Tutti Patuti said...

my sister has the lips earrings u posted.. she's a betsey johnson fan too. she has more betsey johnson earrings than me =(

her blog is

anyways i love the sea horse and the turtle earrings

i love the dress too. i have something similar to it. and i love it.. i wear it to tea parties