Ride it like you Stole it!

The gigs keep coming, and I'm riding it out. Things are looking pretty good. *knocks on wood* Let me fill you in on the stuff that's been happening...

So after being an extra on the movie Safe, see entry below, I had to head back to queens, sleep for 2 hours, then head over to union square and work the lifetime event. Talk about ungodly....

The event took place at union square, for the fairy jobmother a new show on lifetime. Ugh, i hate reality tv. A bunch of us showed up, wearing ugh khaki's, white sneakers and a white polo which was quite see through. Yes i was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt underneath. I was so braindead there.

I met other brand ambassadors there, and learned about which other agencies were legit, which was a good thing. I also talked to a few other ppl who were doing other things and they told me about another agency called attack. They pay pretty well but take a while to pay you.

The lifetime thing was pretty decent pay. 20 bucks an hour to hand out postcards to people. I also talked to a bunch of weirdo's in union square.

One fat white old white guy who was selling his origami boxes there. He's so proud of them, go figure. I mean they're nice but shit damn white ppl are so amazed by origami for some reason.

Then there was the FDNY recruiting people, one of them kept talking to me, trying to be all nice. I was like no firemen plz! The other one was all into the face sitting thing. Some guy was walking around with a sign for face sitting. oh the weirdness that happens at union square.

There were the guys there playing chess for money. ugh. lame. but whatever. They almost got into a fight with another chess player. So lame. One of the firemen recruiting had to break it up.

The event was kinda lame. We didn't have lunch or a snack break, hell if we had to use the bathroom we had to go across the street to whole foods.

Then there was the crazy angry loud black man. He was craving attention and was too stupid. He started yelling at union square cause that's what ppl do there. Screaming about how some white woman there wasn't helping him get a job cause she wasn't putting money in his pocket. Really? what country do you live in where people just give you money? Seriously, unless you're a hobo, no one's throwing money at you. I kinda figured this angry dude, probably didn't understand what a resume was, didn't have anything on his resume and was too stupid to get a job on his own and was just screaming and yelling for attention and to put the blame on someone else. And of course, when he was getting ignored, he yelled even louder. He then yelled and looked at me, baiting me waiting for a response. I just looked at him like he was crazy and kept on passing out postcards. Hell they ain't paying me to deal with crazy ppl. He got more mad, and yelled even more. Louder and walked around. He must have seriously been ignored as a child. Then he starts saying his mind is free, and says Malcolm X said that. Malcolm X don't want to be associated with your crazy ass! He walked around yelling some more. No response. He walked further down yelling some more, no response. Clearly he was getting madder and madder so he kept walking yelling to get attention.

The other 2 guys I was working with in my area were like yes we all heard him, his mind is free, but we don't care...

I ran into one of the principal actors from Safe there, and we talked about the business and all which agencies were legit and stuff. I was like cool. Then I added him to facebook, yes facebook is the social networking site!

After the gig, i went home to change, shower, and sleep, oh I missed sleep. But I didn't get to sleep a whole lot cause after that stuff I had an interview to go to! I had set up everything one right after another, I barely had time to breathe!

So I got to sleep like a normal person, and I had an interview for this freelance gig at barnes n noble dot com, not the store but offices. The next day, I was dressed in interview gear and headed to chelsea.

They made me sign a non disclosure thing, stating I couldn't talk about what project I was on cause it was super top secret. It wasn't until after I signed it that the guy finally told me what it was. They announced it hours later, so now I can finally say, I'm working on a color nook project! I have to say it was pretty cool and awesome sounding. They guy said he looked at my portfolio and said he liked my stuff. We talked and he hired me on the spot! He asked me when I could start, and I said tomorrow! Hee hee! I gotta hussle, cause I'm paid by the hour.

I was so happy that they hired me right then and there for this freelance gig till December. Its pretty cool. I really like this gig, its challenging enough and makes my brain work constantly. I like this gig, and I can't really say anything more about it.

But damn I photoshop a lot!

The view from my office, yes they put me in an office, with 2 other ppl. lol. turned it into a war room. I'm right across from chelsea market and google is in my building too.

If you're wondering how I got this gig, it was from my friend who's stuck in india, cause they wouldn't renew his student visa. His contact at scholastic was like hey you want an in house gig? He was like I would LOVE to do it except I'm in india right now. She was like awe sorry, you know anyone? And he suggested me! And I was through the door and into barnes n noble after that. Much love, thanks and appreciation to my friend in India. I sat there on the first day of work, working on this new mac laptop, 17 inch, going this is sweet, and then going this could have been him working here on this cool project instead of me. I'm really grateful for this opportunity.

Yes I drink Taiwan Beer and I am klassy!

And I had this beer promo gig that saturday too! Imagine working 9-5, 5 days a week then working saturday night doing a beer promo for taiwan beer! They wanted a girl who could speak Mandarin and had promo work. So there I was at this hot pot restaurant in flushing, dressed in a sexy beer maid costume, don't ask, pushing Taiwan beer. I met this thai guy who spoke pretty good chinese. He helped me go around to the tables and give out free samples and such.

Yeah I was wearing the sexy beer maid costume

I was there promoting that they had the beer, and telling them there was a 2 for 1 promo that day. Most ppl were happy to take the sample but didn't want to buy the beer. Eh. I had go around and be friendly and nice and smile. They took a few pics of me, and they had a Polaroid camera, so there are a bunch of random pics of me out there that random ppl have. I had to flirt with ppl and be the push girl. I think we only sold 2 cases of beer that night. I was walking around in a costume and a bottle of beer, but the beer they sold came in a can so ppl were confused and such.  But it was an easy gig, a couple of hours and I got paid in cash at the end of the night.

Any Mandarin speakers out there? Cause the trading company that has Taiwan beer is looking for Mandarin speaking people. Email me and I'll send you the info. and yes Taiwan beer is on facebook too now!

So this ride is pretty awesome, I don't mind being a beer maid, on the side, I really like my temp gig that runs till Dec, and the people there are nice. Things are good, and *knock on wood* I'm gonna ride this out!

Ride it like you stole it!

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chibi said...

All of these jobs are really interesting.
Congratulations on getting the color nook job!

A pirate skank said...

Oh snap, I qualify for that beer gig! 'Cept I'm not in New York. Is it only limited to New York?

MeiBelle said...

AHHHH U play WoW too! Awesome. These gigs are interesting. Where do u find them?? lol