Prettia Bubbles Review

"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!" 
I picked this bubble hair dye up at jasmart cause the lucido L one was sold out. I have to say it was kinda fun using it. Its a bubble foam type thing! This is the first bubble foam hair dye I've used.

Some ppl asked me if it was like the other bubble foam hair dye like Liese, but I've never used it before, so I wouldn't know.

But here's a side pic of the box. Makes it seem so easy.

Here's a before pic of my sad sad hair. Its so dark, my roots have grown out (a lot) and you can see my greys! *gasp*

I hate this hair dying color upkeep. And how visible my greys are! GRR!!!

Another view!

So inside it comes with this, and gloves. There's a couple of youtube vids about how to use it. Oddly its the same for Pretti and Liese. Go figure. 

The instructions, you pour the stuff into the squeeze tube, and tilt it onto the side, you don't shake it violently. 

You can see the instructions here show how great the bubbles are. You spread it throughout your hair pretty easy. The foam goes in easy and you have to massage it in with your finger tips, and not vigorously. But you do have to make sure you work the foam all the way into your hair. And you have to make sure you get your hair line.

When I used it the mix turned purple. Also when you use this product, do it with your windows open. The smell hit me hard and blinded me! My eyes started tearing up a bit. This stuff reaks really bad...
You really work it into your hair, it will foam up more. And then you can twist it up and and it will stay. It doesn't drip so you don't have to worry about it getting all over the place.  I used up almost the entire bottle, but still had some left. 

And this is the end result. It dyes pretty well, but it doesn't do anything against greys.

But that's ok, my hair is one color now. Much better than before.

Overall, I do like this product, its easy to use, and doesn't drip. You squeeze the bottle upright and the foam comes out. They say to put it on your hand and not directly onto your hair for some reason. It just smells pretty bad, so open your window. I'd buy it again. I'm definitely interested in trying out Liese. 

If you're wondering, I bought this of my own free will with my own money, and I get nothing for writing this review except the ability to rip on it or praise it. 

if I give you a bad review, its not cause I'm a bitch, its cause your product sucks, and instead of wasting time emailing or messaging me with some lame excuse, why don't you just fix it instead? That's the bs I deal with on yelp now.

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I think the color came out really nice!