Its that time of the year again!

Its another Betsey Johnson sample sale! w00t! Isn't it great to live in NYC ladies? I can't be there at 10am this time around cause I have a 9-5 gig, so I'll have to go in after with the common folk. and I swear if some fat bitch tries to squeeze her fat ass into my dress, I will fight her for it, or at least throw food at her so she'll be distracted. Hopefully they'll have some good stuff this time around, and now that I'm working I have some $$$ to spend on myself.

If i see that kankle walking cleopatra winged out snobby girl again I'm gonna smack her too. She was uber rude to interns treating them like slaves. Ugh. I swear, seriously people, there's no need to treat people like that!

Also, if you can't make it nyc, check out the betsey johnson site, right now they're having a sale 40% off everything and FREE shipping! I bought some stuff this morning. Check it out ladies! Its good to spend some of your hard earned $$ on yourself. Its good to have me time.

If you try to steal my dress, shoes or anything at the sample sale , I will fight you for it, and it will get ugly. You have all been warned!

Hope you all had a good turkey day too!

3 stalkers:

Tutti Patuti said...

GAH I hATE YOU.. lol so envious

kidding about the hate part

but im so jealous u get to buy betsey johnson items for cheap.. i wish i live close by.. or i wish they have it in sf.. i just posted my betsey johnson dress collection .. i will post my jewelry collection afterwards

Ann said...

Ahh ur so lucky! I'm jelly!

Aradani said...

lol I remember that post of the lady sausaging herself into your dress. Can't wait to see what your pick up!