Chi Town!

Somewhere last month I went to Chicago. I have to say Oct was one crazy busy month for me. For a person who doesn't work a 9-5 job I was crazy busy!  Working all those random gigs, did I mention after Comic Con I had to rush back to Queens for a friend's wedding? Yeah I was totally running around like a crazy person.

Somewhere I went to Chicago with my 2 friends, Vegas baller who always has a fun time, and emo, who always manages not to. I figure these two would kill each other or mellow each other out. Sigh. They went for the Men's Health UrbanAthalon. So they could feel super manly and all. I kinda realized now that I shouldn't have gone due to the emoness that occurred and how Vegas just zoned it all out.

Of course Domo went on the trip! This is the scone that one of the producers of Wakfu got me. From comic con that is. It was ok. I'm not really a scone person, and Domo was not impressed. Domo also hates flying into LaGuardia. That place is a dump. I always say this, but damn I miss you JetBlue!

This is the room. Domo has claimed the bed as you can see. There was this whole thing about getting the hotel room. Emo was suppose to book it, he waited till about 2 days before doing it, cause he kept saying that with his credit limit we could stay anywhere. Ugh. whatever. I think he just wants to create a situation where he can pretend to be the hero.

This room was pretty small, and it was suppose to be a 4 star hotel. maybe in chicago, but not in nyc. This place was ok. at least it was clean. this is the same hotel where Obama stayed in. Well not this room, but the hotel, which is the Palmer Hilton Hotel.

Domo being very inappropriate!

There was a pool at the hotel. something emo should have told us!  There was also a hot tub. We had to go buy bathing suits to use them. the sales guy at macy's called emo pretentious for buying a swimsuit in october. Well he was half right, emo is pretentious but for other reasons.

First night in, we ate deep dish pizza. I looked up the places on food wars and such, and this was not one of them, but the ppl at the hotel said it was good so off we went!

Apparently it takes 40 min for them to make and bake this pizza. They call it stuffed pizza there, not deep dish. So we ordered this deep fried platter appetizer.

Here is our pizza, this is medium, we couldn't finish it. We realized we should order small since it takes so long for them to make it. We ended up taking this pizza to go and giving it to a homeless artist guy. There are a lot of homeless ppl in chicago it seems.

The next day we went to Uno's for lunch, its the first Uno's or something, the one that created the deep dish pizza and was on food wars.

And they had this awesome lunch deal too! These two stupid british girls sat in the booth next to us and wanted a salad and that was all, wtf? Even the waiter was like er ok. Then they were like oh i guess we should get a pizza. DUR!!!

There's tons of graffiti all over the place, from all over the world too! In every language you can think of!

The decor inside.

Domo getting his drink on!

Soup's on!

These pizzas were Domo sized, and they were damn good, I can see why this Uno's claims to have invented stuffed pizza. The numero uno is the one to get, damn i love meat!

Domo likes Uno's Pizza. Well the one in chi town, not the crappy ones in nyc!

Walking around Chi town. It was windy!

We walked around looking for cousin larry and balki.

Chi town is like a mini city. Then again, no place compares to NYC.

We had lots of these chicago style hot dogs while we were there.

This hot dog is tasty, but its not a nyc hot dog.

You see boys and girls, in nyc, when we eat a hot dog like nathans or hebrew nationals, it hot dog itself has flavor. Over in chi town, they put a ton of stuff onto their hot dog cause the dog itself doesn't hold much flavor. Its still tasty but different. The dill pickle seriously carries this hot dog. That's cause I like pickles so I'm all for it!

This place was right next to a Popeyes!

This guy seriously looks like cousin larry!

And since some of you youngins have no idea what reference I'm talking about here's the YT vid. its a show I used to watch that took place in Chicago. It was pretty funny back then. And yes Vegas recreated the revolving door scene.

More pics coming,  in the next post, hope you're amused.

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MeiBelle said...

I love your honesty here and especially on your twitter, I always LOL when I see them.

And DOMO! How inappropriate. I don't blame him or you for hating LaGuardia, the place is shit mixed with miserable TSA members it's a horrible place.