Chi town part duex!

There wasn't a whole lot to do in chicago. I wasn't impressed by this city, then again most cities can't really compare to NYC.  Here some more pics and stuff of my trip. And this will be the LAST trip I ever take with emo. His emo crap is just reached that point, where I just want to see as little of him as possible. I mean seriously, the entire thing was either ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. or him criticizing or being all judgy face on everyone and everything. That kind of negativity really gets to you, you feel drained and just exhausted being around the person. So yeah, I've decided limited interaction at all with this person. And here are some more pics!

We found this chocolate place called Fanny May. Apparently there's some loan company with the same name. Emo bought chocolates for his co workers and his friends, and then came back the next day to buy some more for his parents. yes always his parents, everywhere he goes anything he does has to include his parents, i mean seriously that's nice but at some point in time you have to cut the cord. Even when he orders a pizza, he takes 2 slices to give to his parents because his parents would seriously starve if he didn't, yes that's how he makes it sound like. your parents are grown ass adults and can provide food for themselves, you need to cut the cord already! had to get that out.

Peanut butter chocolate. it was tasty! peanut butter goes well with chocolate.

We did a segway tour, cause they're legal in chicago and not in nyc, boo nyc! It was pretty fun to ride them around. It was pretty easy to learn too, and of course emo had to go ruin it too, oh i don't overthink at all, in fact when i think about doing it, i do it, see. ugh what are you 5? my segway only went about 15 miles an hour go figure.

We found the married with children fountain. hee hee. Now we just gotta find the shoe store al works in. The tour itself was awesome fun. It was cold cause it was at night. There was this mother daughter there, the mom wore freaking high heels and was retarded. The daughter was a slut in training, bleach blonde hair, leopard print bra and a tank top that was too low that showed her bra, ugly ugg boots and did i mention she was underage? Who lets their daughter walk around like that? And she was super bratty too, like damn mom why don't you keep your kid in check? oh wait cause you're retarded!

The chicago skyline. I took this while on my segway, freezing at night. And I was at the planetarium. Riding a segway is super easy and fun, you have to be seriously stupid, like you can't put your foot in front of the other to walk not to be able to ride one.

And next to the chocolate store there is a cupcake place. They made pretty cute cupcakes. Well the way they iced it and all.

These cupcakes are pretty. Look banana chip!

There was some rally thing going on. I have no idea what it was for.

This lady's sign was funny. And yes she's wearing pj pants

Emo was being weird with the chocolate guy at fanny may, part of me thinks he was flirting with him and stuff. emo was flirting with the guy that is. the guy suggested we go to heaven on 7th a restaurant next door to get their cheesy shrimp and grits. so off we went.

They had walls of hot sauce, for display only that is.

Their shrimp n grits were ok, they weren't punch a baby good you know? But I guess for chicago standards they were ok. Emo bought another one for the guy at the chocolate store. yes he did. he also gave them a fork and knife to eat it with, not a spoon. go figure.

After that we got massages at this massage therapist school, it was 40 bucks for 50 minutes with a student. Not bad right? I mean the students were really good, they listened and were attentive and were very professional. Emo got a guy, Vegas got the girl, and I got the army/marine dude. I was like whoa, please don't hurt me. The guy was built, he had muscles, crew cut and everything. He had strength, no doubt about that, but he had the ability to control it and didn't break me. At the end i was like jelly.

Domo at the bean! Its a giant bean too! A bunch of ugly ppl were trying to get into domo's picture and photo bomb, Domo does not approve biatches!

Domo and a dinosaur

Look its made in china! LOL!

No idea what this is, but Domo is amused. Some stupid lady and her bratty kid were standing right there in the shot and she was talking on her cell phone and people were trying to get her out of the way, but it was clear she was a phot bomber. pfft, no body wants you in their picture cause you UGLY!

The license plate. 

A used up jiffy popper.

Domo's at art school. too bad domo's an art school drop out! Domo found out later that the city of chicago spends a portion of their money on art. Whenever they build anything, a portion of it must be dedicated to public art, hence all the public art and art stuff around chicago.

Domo's having a staring contest. This giant eyeball was kinda creepy. They should have made a giant circle lens for it too!

This thing was veiny all over! ewie!

Info about the eyeball!

Froyo time! Found this place randomly. Chocolate mint and key lime pie!

Interesting place. Their fro yo comes from a pouch and the machine does this thing to them, and it comes out froyo.

We found a potbelly 2 blocks from our hotel. doh! We don't have these in nyc. I know they're plentiful in DC and philly. I don't know why they gave me oyster crackers with my chili.

I finally made it to Al's beef! they were on food wars and food feuds for the best italian beef sandwich! I didn't get to go to Mr Beef cause they were closed during dinner and won't open till 10:30 and we were hungry!

Al's beef is a bit spicy than mr beef. On the cab ride there the cabbie was like ugh, why would you want to eat italian sandwiches? the meat is like cardboard! Let me tell you, those sammies were damn good, not dry or cardboard, they dip the whole thing into animal juice! Domo's not sharing with you!

I got a small sammy and with sweet peppers cause I can't handle hot peppers. vegas got the hot peppers, and he started sweating!

I ate my small sammy and was happy. They were pretty good. I would have gotten the  normal size one but we were still eating other stuff.

Cause across the street was Carsons. Allegedly the best ribs in chicago. Eh...maybe for chicago standards. But seriously nothing really beats Texas on bbq. I mean its kinda an art form down there...

i got them to go, cause the place was packed and it was just ridiculous.

I tried their baby back ribs, they were ok, smoked for hours they say, but kinda eh, bland, I've had better. their coleslaw was weaksauce, no flavor or anything. what gives?

we had breakfast here at this place called flatop.

Their dimitri's wasake mary was freaking awesome! Domo liked! and he said screw the oatmeal I brought him!

The omlette was customizable, i got egg whites a bunch of veggies, bacon and sausage and a roti thing. tasty! And the waiter was cute too.

And at this point, we ditched emo and me and vegas ran off to do other things. cause we really needed a break!

Domo found a cow.

Now Domo's having a drink. Its the bubblegum martini.  A portion of this goes to boobie cancer.

This drink was just pretty looking and STRONG! You totally taste the booze and not enough of the bubble gum liquor. The gumball floating there is just for show.

Grabbed a box of mini cupcakes before leaving.

Domo waiting in the lounge to get out of chi town.

coconut apple. the chicago airport kinda sucks. I really don't like o'hare, cause the terminals are built so far from each other, and to walk from one end to the other takes forever. I hate it almost as much as I hate LaGuardia.

More candy apples.

One thing I hated about flying was that there was never enough overhead space for our stuff. People would bring MORE than 1 carry on,and it wasn't the right size so they would hog and take the space above where we were sitting and we had to check our stuff in. I get so damn annoyed at that, I mean seriously, why doesn't the airline just go NO, your bag is too big, you will have to check it in. wtf flight attendant? On the way back, we didn't have to deal with that, but it was annoying flying TO chi town.

Say hello to my little friend. I picked him up at O'hare. Yes its a ferret, I have named him gidget for now until I can think of another name. Don't worry, Domo's not jealous...

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