Who wants STEAK?!!!

Especially when its Peter Luger's steak? Hmmm steak! The ladies all went to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, yes this is furiousfeng's area. Hmmm yummy steak, we were all gathered together to eat some good steak and have some good times! The waiters were totally loving the fact that it was a party of all girls.

Here's Domo having some bread! The bread was kinda hard. We were waiting for a while even though we had reservations! Go figure!

This is some sexy bacon, sexy thick bacon, the kind of bacon that you'd punch a baby for. Damn I dream about this bacon....its so good, and tasty...*drools*

We ordered steak for 5 since there were 5 of us! The cow is a glorious animal!

We ordered our steak medium rare. so tasty! We also ordered german potatoes, fries, and spinach.

Somehow the waiters misheard bag for beer or something, and put 3 beers on the table, we were like no we didn't order this. So in the end, the 2 waiters took 2 for themselves, and left me with one. They wanted to give furiousfeng a glass but we said she was 19 and underage. lol! And in true klassy fashion I drank it the way beer's suppose to be drank, chug chug chug! lol! oh college days who says you're over?

For some reason acrossthemoat said to the waiters that it was lynnie1223's bday, and they decided to give her a free sundae cause its her bday! lol! Lynnie was not amused to say the least, but the sundae was tasty!

We also ordered the cheesecake for some reason.

We also ordered fresh strawberries and schlagg aka freshly whipped cream.

as you can see they like candles and the whipped cream gets its own bowl. It was quite tasty, even though we couldn't finish it all after all that steak!

We then told acrossthemoat that we nyc ladies don't do showers, hell steak is way tastier anyways, and its something we all can enjoy! So steak was her shower, I think she was amused and happy! I think we were all happy. Damn the cow is such a wonderful animal, right next to the pig! so tasty! hmm...

Hope you found this food porn amusing. If you ever get the chance you should stop by Peter just to see how it tastes. I know not everyone is down for it, but hey try it and then you can knock it.

Anyways I'm off to Chicago ladies! See you next week! I have no idea what to pack either!

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