Who wants Mooncake?

If you were checking out my tweets lately you would have heard that I was giving out free mooncakes in chinatown. it was a pretty cool gig, getting paid to hand out mooncakes. It was a temp gig, and I met pretty cool people, made contacts and have a couple of funny stories about it. Damn old people in chinatown love their mooncake!

I answered this ad on craigslist, cause I needed $$$, it was a brand ambassador. Its basically you're giving out free stuff, and getting paid for it. Most of it depends on your looks too. I applied to a couple and they responded to me cause I wasn't a 400lb guy.
I was hired by this agency on the west coast, and this woman was completely insane. I mean it, seriously insane. She emailed, called, txted me repeatedly over and over again over the most stupid and mundane stuff. Its really not that hard to hand out mooncake lady. That and the fact that, yes we know to wear black pants and shoes, and to be friendly and nice to people. We got that. She seriously was micro managing from the west coast. And the agency she was at was called Plan C.

It was a 3 day gig. I went to the verizon store, yes it was a bunch of verizon stores that were handing this stuff out. And there was already a line of old ppl lined up for mooncake! We only had 15 boxes of mooncakes to give out. And apparently the day before in the park in chinatown, they had a festival in which they gave out a ton of postcards for free mooncake. The person had to bring in a postcard to get a free mooncake. There was a COMPLETE breakdown in communication. No one had told us they gave out postcards the day before, and how many were given out! We were the only ones in chinatown, and we wouldn't have enough mooncakes if they call came in to get some. So we had to ration it out, simply because if we didn't we'd run out.

So on the first day, the Sing Tao newspaper came and took our picture and put is in the newspaper. Pretty cool, talking about how this verizon store has been in chinatown for 20 years, and how they cater to chinese people, their website is in chinese and they help their customers understand how to use the phone and to see how many minutes and such are left.

So here i am in the fob paper, yes don't I look fobtastic? Yes it was a bad angle and my head looks squished and then some! If you can read it great! I had my mom read it to me. lol! I should mention the guy in the middle in grey, is the owner of the store, turns out he owns all the verizon stores doing the promotion. The guy next to the guy in grey, is the top sales in the NYC metro area, that's a lot of sales you know. He speaks almost every dialect out there, and his customers are very loyal to him. So if you use verizon, go see him, his name is Brian and he's pretty friendly. He finds all the deals and rebates. Most of the time its people who want everything to be in chinese so that's why they like verizon so much.

So we're in the fob paper, ain't it great? We're getting a ton of PR now. And you would think that the Plan C agency would be thrilled. They were until they saw the pic, and the crazy lady, went on this HUGE thing about how we were wearing the wrong t-shirt. So we were suppose to wear the black t-shirts. So the two girls on the left took our t shirts. So what? The ones we were wearing said verizon on it so shouldn't verizon be happy? Well crazy lady wasn't and called and called, and emailed and texted. She went as so far to call the store owner in the pic at all hours of the night, she's in cali so she forgets there's a 3 hour difference. The owner, Tony got really annoyed at her. His wife was who is this crazy woman calling at all hours of the night? This woman was crazy and very unprofessional to say the least. She kept saying the client wanted this or the client wanted that.

Turns out Tony was the client's client. You see, Tony owns about 5 of these cell phone stores. He's the one that wanted to do the promotion and set it up. He hired the marketing agency ad asia, who designed the shirts and postcards and had people set up the events and stuff. Ad asia then hired plan c agency to hire people to work and hand out the stuff. As you can see plan c is the middle man. We talked to talk to Tony, and he realized that this crazy woman was just crazy and had a mental problem, cause she was harassing him over a t-shirt. He then talked to his contact at ad asia, and the crazy woman stopped calling, FINALLY! She just pissed off the client's client. Good job lady, I hope you still have a job there in cali. There is a right way of doing things, and there's a wrong way. And you crazy lady did it the wrong way. She insisted that she wanted pictures of us working in the t shirt to show the client. WTF? Did you not learn your lesson yet? This woman is crazy. And she's retarded too, I still haven't gotten paid yet. I emailed her and she was like oh yeah you'll get paid oct 15. Then she goes oh the acct dept had an issue with the copy of ur IDs, can you send it again. WTF? So if I didn't ask when I was gonna get paid, I don't think she was gonna find out about anything. She is seriously crackheaded.

If anyone gets contacted or contacts plan c agency, feel free to ask me who the crazy lady is, and you should steer clear of her. she even had the audacity to continually email me about pictures. She wanted 15-20 pictures of us in the t shirt working, handing out flyers and mooncakes. You know, that's not my job, my job is to hand out mooncake and postcards. NOT take pictures. And all we had was a  camera phone. She also emails us after the first night to go oh here's the ingredients in the mooncakes, please copy and paste this in to word and make it a huge font and print it and put it up all over the store. You know, you could have just sent it to us in a word doc you lazy bitch. Also, its NOT my job to print anything out. Unless you're paying me to go to the printer I'm not doing it. We just wrote the ingredients down on a postcard. No one really cared either.

But enough about crazy cali people. The staff working there at the verizon store was pretty nice. Granted its not a real store, its in the lobby of a dr's office. The bathroom is on the 4th floor and you need a key to get in. The staff there is pretty nice. Usually its just Brian working there the whole day. But they paid for our lunch and drinks and bubble tea while we were there, and that was pretty nice of them. The owner Tony, said we could sit and relax a bit, he said if we wanted to smoke, go smoke, if we wanted more bubble tea we could go out and get it. He had other stores to attend to so he wasn't gonna sit there and micro-manage us like some crazy lady in cali. He also said there was a laptop there so we could surf the net if we wanted. He also gave us the mochi mooncake from Tai Pan. He gave them out to anyone who signed up for a new line. He opened up a lot of new lines that day. And the mochi mooncake was so tasty! This gig was pretty cool for 3 days.

And Furiousfeng and acrossthemoat visited me while I was working HARD giving out free mooncake and such.

Here's the back of the t-shirt. Who ever designed the shirt was retarded. There is NO icing on mooncake, you can tell a white person designed this.

This is me wearing the shirt, we had to send the crazy lady pictures of us in the t-shirt. I mean seriously? Talk about crazy. At the end, we left the t shirt with the store, cause it said verizon on it and honestly I don't think anyone wanted to look at that thing anymore.

Acrossthemoat got me meat on a stick. lol! It was also San Genero festival when I was working. Hmm mooncake...NOT!

Me working giving out mooncake. You can see the store is literally in the lobby. That's Brian looking at what's for lunch.

I also met this cool girl there. She's been doing this random jobs for a while now. She says that after a while of doing these, the agencies start to remember you, and will call you if they have a gig in nyc. So here I am slowly building up my contacts list. She does a lot of random stuff and she's always on the go. Pretty fun and interesting. She was also working comic con, so was I but my booth was so busy I couldn't get out to go visit her.

So for now we booth look at craigslist for gigs, there are a lot of scammers out there, and weirdos, but you just gotta look for the ones that sound legit.

So if you use Verizon, and you're ever in chinatown check out
Friendly Wireless
81 Elizabeth Street
look for Brian (he's on vacation for this month in Hong Kong, I have no idea how the store will survive without him, cause everyone wants to see him)

hmmm mooncake....

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Yumeko said...

omg the biatch does all kinds of mad crazy! hope u get paid soon babes

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

That is so cool doing all these random jobs....I would love to be paid giving out stuff...hehe...and doing comic con...I'm jealous...I would love to attend comic con....but boo for not getting paid yet....call that crazy lady non-stop every early morning so that she will know how it feels like to be annoyed....:D

sophie said...

omgsh i didn know u were there... i was at san gerano fest... :( if i knew u were there and giving mooncakes i woulda skedaddled over boo

Miss Viafara said...

I am always wary of the Craiglist Shit but it sounds like u got a fun gig. lol