off like a prom dress!

If you haven't noticed, I've been blogging less and less, well infrequently that is. Usually I'll blog about everything. I've been pretty busy lately. I've been getting some random gigs. Its pretty sweet and awesome. Its temp work and I can't really complain considering the current state of things. Any money is better than none, and being in NYC the city of possibilities you gotta grab it while you can and just go with it. There's never a dull moment here.

If you're wondering where I'm getting these random gigs from its craigslist. Yes I know. I found one weird one and applied. And I met a girl who just does these promo gigs and just took off from there. I'll be doing posts about watching out for scammers on craigslist, and what not. (please use common sense on craigslist. I am not endorsing it, nor am I getting anything from them.)

I'm also with an extras casting agency too. I had to ask my former teacher who's also a director from grad school for a legit casting agency for extras. There are a TON of scammers on craigslist. Some of them are pretty shameless. I had one continuously call me for days at all hours. What kind of agency does that? One that gets commission from scamming a person. And the people there were SO ghetto on the phone!

I'm gonna be working comic con this week, not as a booth babe, but almost seems like one by default. I'll get into that later.

And after that I'm going to Chicago, yay chi town! I'm gonna be stuffing my face with deep dish pizza, mr beef, al's beef sandwiches, coney dogs and anything else chi town has to offer up! I'm gonna be a fat bitch!  Someone tell me where this giant been is!

I got food porn coming, baking porn, and over all nyc slackerism coming up. That and the random gigs I've been doing. Oct is pretty busy so far! For instant gratification you can follow me on my twitter which is to the side --->

I'll do a giveway thing when I hit 100 followers, cause damn I have 90 now.  90 of you find me interesting enough to follow, awe...thanks!

Did you miss me?

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chibi said...

These odd jobs that you've got sound interesting.
Have you been an extra yet?
Have fun in Chicago and I look forward to your next posts.

Jimin said...

I agree, the odd jobs have gotten my curiosity! I can't wait to hear all the good news, congrats on getting some gigs! I agree that craigslist is a sketchy website.. so it'd be nice if you did tell us tips on how to be more careful :)