Giant Oreo Cake!

You know I had to make it! I mean cmon it's a giant oreo cake! well its not a giant oreo, as in a cookie, and it doesn't have oreos inside it. I should re-phrase its a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting that resembles a giant oreo cookie. Damn a bunch of ppl on my fb were asking me if there were oreos inside it, and if it was a cookie or cake.

So to start things off, I saw this in Bed, Bath & Beyond. course I had to get it, plus my friend had a $5 off coupon, so yeah, I so got it.

The pans are metal, which are good, the silicon ones never bake the same. it just doesn't crisp up nicely or make anything golden brown. I could so carve my name into that area for the name.

I had to spray and dust the pans with coco powder, so they would pop out. The top piece with all the little engravings and stuff I had to extra dust to make sure it would come out.

So here's the batter inside. I used the recipe that was on the box. Its not the greatest, I should have used mr Cakelove's recipe instead. I know for next time.

baked cake!

Popped it out and the top came out! w00t!

now they're cooling while I'm working on the frosting. Yes for the frosting I used mr cakelove's recipe. Which turned out quite awesome!

Apparently they wanted more frosting. They said they wanted more frosting for the cake. Do you see how much frosting I put inside it already?!

Ain't it pretty? Its sitting on a lunch tray cause I didn't have anything else to put it on. That's how big it is!

So anyone got milk?

Was gonna make a golden version of it, since oreo has the new one which one side is chocolate and the other is golden. that's just gonna be uber confusing! And more so in cake form!

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Jimin said...

agh my brother and I saw this and he was trying to convince me to buy it.. but it was like $25?! I love how yours came out tho, it's awesome! And thanks for the tip on dusting the pan with cocoa powder for easy non-stick :)

my cakelove book came in! thank you sooo much for sharing it on your blog, i'm so excited to read it haha


chibi said...

The cake came out perfect!
It looks delicious.

CHARRY said...

yummy! ;)

Tammy said...

This looks delicious!! I really want a piece and I'm not even a big chocolate make the cake & I'll bring the milk..ok? =P