comic con geekfest 2010

It was that time of the year again, yes the time where geeks, nerds, and all around smelly people converge together for the common goal of comic con, which was fused with anime fest as well, so you've got a bunch of smelly, horny white guys who have raging asian fetishes who don't know what to do with a girl mixed together with the fat smelly comic book guy from the simpsons along with just not pretty people who don't bathe and fat people who like to dress up. That right there is geekfest. After 3 days of it, I was so ready to be gone.

So you're wondering why I was there right? True last time I was there, I was working for a comic company, kinda like a myspace for indie comics. Before that I was interning at DC Comics so I got to run around there for free and it was pretty fun.

This year I got hired to work there, yes you gotta love these random gigs I keep getting. Originally I was suppose to demo the new final fantasy XIV game, which is an mmo. Sounded pretty easy, and it was a 5 hour shift, so you'd work 5 hours and then you'd have the rest of the day to wander around. I was so for that.

I was hired by this company called wired talent, which is based out in cali. Damn these cali agencies. I had to meet some dude at the starbucks at astor place to show that I was who I said I was and that I was legit. I just had to fill out some paper work. I remember going there and seeing this large group of people outside the starbucks standing there. I didn't know what they were doing, and thought they were also meeting the guy too, but I decided to call the guy on my cell cause i was running late. The guy was sitting inside and I go there hand him my paper work and he see's I'm not a 300lb fat guy. Then he gets a call from someone and he tells him that he's inside sitting on the left. I turn around to leave and see that the group of ppl outside the starbucks was the same group waiting for the guy. For some reason they thought he would call them. Nope. In this biz you gotta move. I saw that they were geeks and gamers. lol. and the ONLY other girl there was a ginger. aka redhead. yes cartman you and i share the same affinity for gingers.

Anyways I get a call way later from the agency going, yeah, they need ppl to cover this new free mmo they are releasing. So do you mind working that booth instead? Do I get paid more? There's more hours in it for you so you get paid more. Course I agreed, but I would kinda regret it. It was way more hours, like the entire time of the convention that I didn't get time to wander around or look or get free stuff. Talk about sad.

That's one of the game producers, he was my supervisor, not manager. He was pretty nice he bought me a scone. the ginger is on the right with the curly hair. yes they had to keep the colored folk off camera. lol! 

So it was me and the ginger and 2 other guys demoing and talking about this other game. It was a tactical game and i wasn't totally into it. I mean FFXIV really didn't have to do much to get people to come.

We had a prize wheel that we let people spin after they played the game. A lot of people showed up to our booth and just wanted to spin the wheel and get stuff for free. No. Then kids, and I mean tweens and teenagers would lie to me like crazy. I mean LIE. I couldn't believe it. Where are your parents? Do your parents know you lie this much? They would make up the lamest excuse, oh I played the game already, really? Where's your stamp? We stamp their hands after they play the game,  so they can spin the wheel, and stamp again after they spin so they can't come back and spin it again. These  kids would be like I played your game but I didn't get stamped. LIAR! There are 2 of us standing there between the machines so we can SEE when you're done playing and you get a stamp. I'd tell them to go get stamped by the person that was standing next to them. They'd walk off with their tales between their legs. One black girl actually had the audacity to go, oh I played the game yesterday but didn't get stamped. Awe really? Then you don't get to spin the wheel. Oh can you just stamp me? No, you have to play the game. But I did yesterday. Then you would have gotten a stamp. Lying brat! Damn do your parents know what kinds of liars you are?

The game itself was ok, it was a tactical game and I wasn't totally into it. I had 2 guys over seeing me. One guy looked like leonard from big bang theory and the other dude kept telling me to talk more about the game.  He said that after he noticed that guys would awkwardly try to talk to me about other stuff. One guy asked me for my name. My response was to show him my badge which showed I had no name. And then he looked at his name card and said his name was professional, then we shook hands on that. lol. There were a lot of awkward guys there. I kinda tried to talk to them about which mmo's they had previously played so they wouldn't feel weird. They were kinda surprised that I was like yeah I know how to roll my lock, this ain't button mashing, you can raid, pvp, attack multiple mobs and this is the caster, melee, range class. Yeah I know my mmo stuff, and yeah I know about maple story in korea.

I'd get a lot of freaks and wanna be pretentious geeks. Oh no if its not made in japan its a cartoon. Actually asshole, it is made in japan, its ONLY being shown in France because a french company bought it.  Some weirdo white guy wearing purple velvet and a top hat at his attempt at goth or victorian at comic con was so snotty and was trying REALLY hard to be metro or something went up to me and in his most gay sounding voice ever, " its not an anime, its a cartoon cause its not japanese." Wow really? Am I suppose to be dazzled by your raging fetishizing of Japanese culture? Or that you're a loser for 362 days of the year? I was going to respond by saying, Actually, the series is created by a japanese company in japan, its made exclusively for a company in France, but I figured if I said anything I'd want ot beat him on the head with his tophat and choke him with his velvet jacket.

Then I'd realize these geeks, freaks, nerds, and weirdos are picked on the rest of the year and these short 3 days they feel normal and accepted. Damn everyone walked around with a free hugs sign. WTF is up with that? I don't want your smelly body near me at all!

But I did see some awesome costumes, and some lame ones.

Cammy and chun li, see these are booth babes, they're paid to wear these silly costumes. In fact chun li was getting harassed for pictures while on line for the bathroom. yes really! (this is not my pic I found it on flickr)

I didn't get hit on a lot by these socially awkward guys which is a good thing cause damn I was getting tired and annoyed. i had to stand the entire time I was there. Not cool. I also was just tired from talking that my voice started to go. But I had to put on a happy face.

The girl I had met from the mooncake thing was also working there in the back for sprint. She was giving out free t shirts and stuff. She said there were a lot of smelly guys there and it was gross. Damn gross. I agreed with her.

At the end the gave me a free plushie, phone strap, and t shirt, not bad right? They also took a group photo of us. awe. I also got to talk to them, two of them were producers of the game. This one japanese guy turns out was the producer of all of north america. That was pretty impressive, and he worked on a couple of the final fantasy games. That right there is pretty awesome. So I made a few contacts and got paid. Yes Wired Talent out in Cali, those guys are legit, and pay you in a timely fashion, unlike the damn mooncake people! Agency C out in cali is really whack. Wired Talent also reimbursed me for transportation up to 25 bucks. SWEET! So if Wired Talent contacts you for a gig, they're legit. Though you should really check their email addy's to make sure they're really from wired talent ok ppl? Use common sense!

The game I was assigned to was called Wakfu. There's a animated series going on in France. I started watching it online and its pretty interesting. Its all in french so subtitles are awesome, and watching it and hearing all that french somehow makes it sound more serious than it really is. The YT link is the english dubbed ones, i look for the subtitled ones on mega video instead.

the square-enix both was right next to the dark horse booth. Dark horse btw sells DOMO!!!

More Domo's! I <3 Domo!
Comic Con, before the crowds entered

and the security guards there were a joke, they were minimum wage bitchy idiots that obviously couldn't get a real job cause they were too lazy,stupid and retarded to graduate. This one stupid short fat one was giving me a hard time just because. I had a exhibitor badge so that meant i get to go in early to set up, which i did, but I snapped a few pics as I was walking there cause I wasn't able to cause I was working the whole time. She gets all high and mighty, throwing her weight around, asking to see my badge. And this is how the convo goes.

Short fat security guard: can i see your badge?
I show her the exhibitor badge so she can STFU and leave me alone.
Fatty: Oh, um well you're not suppose to take pics of the exhibits
(really? since when? people have been snapping up pics the entire weekend! But since I really don't want this short little troll near me anymore I just don't bother)
Me: Ok
(i put my camera back in my bag and start to walk away)
Fatty: see that's how people steal the system. They take pictures sand steal the system.

Damn these people are STUPID! First off, I was taking a picture of the golden eye exhibit, a game for the Nintendo Wii! Second, people already have hacked the Wii, they know how it works if you took a look at youtube. Its not like its a HUGE secret, yes the game is on the wii, i'm going to steal the system specs by taking a pic of something that's already being sold on the market you ignorant stupid troll. But then I realize, she's just trying to puff up her chest and make herself seem smart to the underling that's following her. See kiddies, this is why you have to graduate and get a decent job! You don't want to end up like those trolling security guards that get no respect.

Granted I'm working random jobs, but hell I'm not that stupid! My god, how can someone be that stupid? I should also add that as I was walking around, everyone else was snapping tons of pics, so I don't understand why the stupid troll picked on me instead of everyone else. I realized that everyone else snapping pics were dudes, and I was the only girl, plus I wasn't a fatty or a short troll like her, so she was seriously drinking some haterade as she didn't bother to harass any of the guys taking pics, and i mean with HUGE cameras and they weren't press,they were exhibitors just like me.

Beautymoogle came and visited me, while i was hard at work at geekfest. Yes they made me wear this blue polo.

Then I was goofing off while walking around during my lunch break.

I am Iron man!!!

The ppl I knew at DC Comics were there, and they hooked me up with free stuff. I got the green lantern ring. Hell I was shamelessly promoting everyone else, go to DC booth to get a green lantern ring. Go to capcon for marvel vs capcon! Free t shirts! lol!

Oh comic con, how I hate thee, I shall never go back again, simply because I hate nerds and geeks. And I shall show them no mery for the rest of the year!

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MeiBelle said...

OMG! I just found your blog and automatically fell in love with your layout. I love Murakami and Kiki and KaiKai!

I wanted to go to ComicCon and dress up just to be part of the nerdiness but alas, I didn't just for partial reason of "a bunch of smelly, horny white guys who have raging asian fetishes."

It looks like you got lots of goodies and the DOMO's! <33 You have a follower in me!