Wieners and Dogs!

I can't believe I didn't blog about this! I ventured into the pits of brooklyn, yes brooklyn, to attend the annual Hot Dog Cookoff. Now I realize after that eating that many hot dogs was NOT a good idea, course at the time you just don't know any better. I mean living in NYC, the hot dog is a staple, the dirty water dog, the coney island hot dot eating contest, gray's papaya, they're all part of NYC.

We bought passes and got this yellow plastic cup that allowed us to get free beer, actually its not free, it just came with the ticket.

These girls were pouring the beer, they only had 2 on tap. Yes on tap. Course these girls didn't know how to pour beer, SMH and it showed. Half my cup was head! I was like WTF? Lemme pour it! You gotta tilt the cup! Its not pouring a cup of water here people! These girls were far too busy trying to look good...

The lone porta potty. They let us use the bathroom in the offices above the brewery. Yes this event as held outside a brewery, so they can't run out of beer unllike *ahem* Brewfest! But after a while they closed the bathrooms upstairs and made people use the porta  pottys, which were pretty gross!

I should also add that the people who were wearing the red t-shirts were volunteers, and weren't getting paid but probably thought it was a great way to meet guys, yeah drunk guys eating hot dogs. Oh and there was one snarky volunteer there, which was being borderline bitch. You don't have to be a smart ass when someone asks you a question, or have a snarky response. Either way you're still not getting paid and still a bitch. Just saying.

This is what it looked like before everyone mobbed them for hot dogs. They're still setting up and yes its damn bright in brooklyn!

There were about 20 different chefs there. Each one had a booth, but halfway through they had to pack up and go and let the other 10 chefs in. They were judging them, and the judges were picked from the crowd. After you got your wristband and cup they asked if you wanted to be a judge, you'd have to stay the entire time and you had to eat all the hot dogs. Dear god that's a lot of processed meat! Needless to say I had to pass on that!

This booth was kinda funny. They made a dessert dog, but it had no actual hot dog in it! They had ice cream inside it, but no meat. They were different alright!

Zomg, this one was SO DAMN GOOD! It was the first hot dog I tried, and I was like WOW! And after eating so many other hot dogs I still remember it. It was damn good! It even won! At the judges table they were talking about how amazing it was.

Here's the cross view of it! So tasty! It was called Pickles to the Slaw-ter. An all-beef Hummel hot dog topped with Spicy Slaw, Deep Fried Pickle Chips, and a Remoulade Sauce. And it won best in show, just like a dog show. lol! The deep fried pickle on top with the sauce totally did it for me!

 They're working fast to get these dogs out!

Cause the people are hungry and the lines are LONG!

I completely forgot the name of this one. But it was oh so tasty!

This was the swahili dog. Sad to say this one didn't go over too well. A lot of people didn't like this dog, and the chefs of this had tons of left over that no one wanted. I kinda felt bad for them, cause this was their entry into the hot dog contest. It was an Indian spice trade blend of coconut milk infused beans paired w/ spicy “pickle” atop a lime “nyama choma” blackened dog, wrapped in chapati. Some people liked it, and said it was different, but most ppl didn't enjoy it.

This one was tasty and refreshing! For all you low carb ppl, or not. This was the cucumber curry dog. It had a kiss of curry mayo, fresh herbs, frizzled shallots, and a cool, just-in-season cucumber “bun” from local farms. Very tasty indeed!

This one was really different! Yes those are goldfish! This is Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. All beef hot dog with fresh mozzarella and classic basil pesto wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma. Topped with delicious garlic and oil pasta, fresh grated parmesan cheese and the most delicious fish any kid would love! And it won Top Dog/Audience Fave!

This one came with a cute flag! Diamond Jim Supreme. Hummel beef & pork dog cooked "Diamond Jim" style, basted with bacon grease, and served with jalapeno slaw, cheese, and sweet & spicy sauces. yes bacon grease, and goddamn I could taste it! I <3 Bacon!

Sanchez Dog. It has some mexican influences but I can't remember what was in it, and I had eaten a lot of hot dogs by then...but it was tasty! And it won Beta Dog, forget what that meant.

Why yes that is an arepa, a mini one. Its quite cute actually. El Perrito Misterioso. It won for Toy Dog. It was very delicate in flavors, and all that other stuff, like you wouldn't be able to at this if you were starving and running down the street, or could you?

The Dirty Mao dog, and I forget the name of the other one. The Mao dog was like a vietnamese sandwhich in hot dog form, and the other one was quite tasty too. Course by now I've eaten a lot of hot dogs. I ate 19 out of the 20 hot dog stands there. And the hot dog is cut up into thirds. do the math and that's a lot of processed meat I just ate!

And the MC of this whole thing was Ham on the street guy! Whatever happened to his show? Anyways he was there hamming it up! and doing the raffle.

After eating all those hot dogs and drinking all that beer, I seriously wanted to throw up! Like ugh, I don't wanna eat anymore...but a good time was had by all! Hope they do it again next year, and hope everyone in brooklyn goes too!

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Jimin said...

god I saw this post at the wrong time... late night and hungry as hell -_- this fair looked SOOOO amazing i wish I could drive up to brooklyn for this..

by the way I ordered the cakelove book because it was on sale on hautelook for $14 :) thanks for the recommendation, I hope it helps me get better with baking