Lamb burgers! baa!

While watching foodtv and the best thing I ever ate, they did this episode on Burgers, and one that stood out was the lamb burger right here in nyc. Hmmm lamb...baaa! baaa! Yes I go on about how great pork is and how wonderful the pig is, but damn I have overlooked the lamb. Baa! baa! Don't eat me! baa! LOL!

So these are appetizers they have. Do you see?! Do you see what they have?! Rabbit & prune! lol!

We sat in this booth with a curtain if you wanted privacy. The booth came with a dimmer if you wanted more light or less. And it came with these built in phone chargers! w00t! hellz yeah I'm gonna charge my phone to full! The service there is SLOW, when I say slow I mean slower than a 500 year old turtle with a home made wheelchair. I had no problem charging my phone, too bad they didn't have an ipod charger.

Domo likes his guinness, its so tasty! Rawr! Domo likes to get his drink on!

From the appetizers, we ordered the boiled peanuts fried in pork fat. Oh you know I love me some pork fat, its the greatest thing ever! Now why don't they sell these at Yankee Stadium? You'd have angry, fat, drunk fans that smell like pork fat. lol!

While the peanuts were tasty, my friend wanted soup. He's been on this whole soup thing lately. This is a yogurt, dill soup with lamb meatballs. No it wasn't worth the $13. It was tasty yes, but not worth the price. Oh and the spazy waitress said it was enough to be an entree. Geez seriously? This soup is Domo sized!

The service there really sucked. Our waitress was really bad. If you weren't a regular there, they were kinda too busy to deal with you, but not too busy chat with the regulars there and ignore us. It took a good 20 min before we got to order. And thats after my friend spilled his water onto the table, and we were flagging them down for napkins.

Goddamn did that menu really say $17 for a lamb burger? Really?

Lamb burger time! Lemme tell you, this thing was so goddamn tasty! it was amazing what they did with the lamb. I am going to totally overlook how terrible the service is because this burger is amazing! I would punch a baby, pregnant lady, old person, cripple, fupa, etc for this burger! Yes I'd do it regularly but hell that's how good it is!

Do you see how thick this lamb burger is?! Do you see?! This sexy lamb, baa! is so juicy and tasty! It has feta cheese, cumin mayo, and thrice cooked fries. And the bread, I have no idea what they did to the bread, its so tasty, light, strong enough to hold the lamb burger and absorb the oil and juices. There's a nice red onion in there too. Its so goddamn tasty! Except there are parts where the feta cheese is overwhelming and makes it too salty, but other than that its great! Just place the cheese correctly!

These are thrice cooked fries! Not cooked once, twice but three times! So tasty! Just enough salt sprinkled on, my god i think I died and went to lamb heaven!

This is another lamb dish. So tasty! Damn this place knows how to handle lamb! Smoked lamb ribs with cucumber, yogurt, and cucumber. This was so tasty that my friend refused to share. My god, this place is the place to go for lamb.

Sadly the service is terrible. But if you can just overlook that, and aren't in a huge rush to see a movie then you should stop by here and eat some lamb. Baa! The bathroom is in the hotel next door, which is pretty nice, marble bathroom, lots of toilet paper, and nice paper towels that are fibery enough not to disintegrate in your hands. The hotel next door has a lounge with live music on sunday, so you may have to push past the ugly drunk ppl. Actually you'll have to push past a lot of stupid loud drunk ppl in the restaurant itself as well. Just don't go here if you have a movie or show to get to. Go here if you've got time.

Baa! Baa! Don't eat me, please don't eat me! LOL! Lamb is so tasty! Tasty tasty lamb!

If you're ever in NYC, go check it out.

16 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
(646) 214-5788

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