H20 Sea Salt Foaming Body Polish

I've never really tried H20 products before but I decided to try them out cause I bought them on sale on hautelook.com. I bought the set actually, they were travel sized and let me try different products without buying the full size version in case it sucked. 

The set comes with the following:

+Sea Salt Body Wash (2 oz)
+Hydrating Body Butter (2 oz)
+Hydrating Body Gloss (1.9 oz)
+Sea Salt Foaming Body Polish (2 oz)
+Hand and Nail Cream (2 oz)

I've tried two of the products so far. I'm just gonna do a review on the scrub. I somehow lost my Origins body scrub, I have no idea where it went. I looked all over my room, even under the bed, and I seriously have NO idea where it went. I seriously think it grew 2 legs and walked off. Really.

Feeling rather scaly and summer approaching, I felt the appropriate thing to do was exfoliate. Too many times I've seen ashy skin exposed at the first signs of warmth, hairy legs and hammertoes with callouses and no polish out on the streets. *shudders* I couldn't find my scrub so I tried the Sea Salt Foaming Body Polish.

The H20 site provides the following description for this product:

Natural apricot seed powder and multi-textured grains sweep away roughness to promote healthy surface cell renewal and revitalize the look of skin exposed to sun and environmental elements. Moisture-binding minerals and hydrating marine algae replenish hydration while Japanese green tea and Paraguay tea combine with vitamins A, C, E for superior protection against future visible damage. Enriched with aloe vera and Provitamin B to help soothe and soften.
Its a body scrub people! You apply it on your wet skin in the shower, and massage it in. It says in circular motion, but sometimes I forget. Massage! It has a pleasant scent, it may be overpowering for some people. But I don't mind, as long as it don't smell like old lady. It is a floral scent, so its best that you smell it in the store or get a small sample or travel size so you don't hate it forever.

Its grainy yes, but its a body scrub. Its not to harsh and works pretty well. To avoid a huge mess, I get into the shower, shampoo my hair, put in a hair mask, (clip it up) then turn off the water (yes save water!) then work the body scrub into my skin. That and the fact that with the water on, it makes a mess as it makes everything slippery. Plus you know where you've applied the scrub and where you haven't. With the water off, I can work in circular motions the scrub on my skin, and I don't feel rushed. You don't need a lot of product either.  You may think its weird, standing there with the water off, but it works pretty well. You basically know where you've applied the product, and where you haven't, and you really get to massage it in well, and not waste water.

While I'm in there I might as well use my self warming foot scrub! I take out my pumice stone too, work the heels and dry skin, use the nail brush on the other side and massage the nails and cuticles. I don't feel rushed cause the water isn't gushing down on me. I turn the water back on and rinse thoroughly.  Don't forget under the armpits lady, scrub likes to hide there. 

Afterwards, my skin feels smooth, soft, and lightly fragranced. I don't feel the need to moisturize after. Then again its not the dead of winter right now. The scent disappears after a while, but your skin still feels happy.

I'd buy this product again. It comes in a nice tube, so I don't have to be scooping it out of a jar like other scrubs. Plus if I drop it in the shower, I won't cry cause the jar shattered. The website lists this product for $18 american dollars for 8oz. Not terrible I guess. Then again you could always make your own body scrub.

I've always wondered about the scrubbies in the scrub when they go down the drain, does it clog your drain? Hmm. Any plumbers out there?

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