Fancy Food Show

A few months ago, over a Javits in NYC they had a trade show called the Fancy Food show. I'm not linking them cause they suck. I'll get into why they suck later. I went with my catering friend, cause its about food right? so off we went. It was 3 days and they had free food for people to stuff their faces with.
I only went 2 days. And even before you got into Javits different companies were giving out samples of food. I should get a job at Javits now.

On the website it says no photography and no video. Course when we got there, people were taking pics and vids all they wanted. WTF? The show's organizer's are full of crap, the exhibitors had no problem, so it was the show itself that was being a bitch.

They had food from every country, every part of the world! It was amazing to see all this stuff! Every country was there, and they were cooking up food and giving out samples! w00t! w00t! a foodie's dream! well almost...

Jelly Belly were there! And they had the Mona Lisa made of jelly beans! Obviously everyone was snapping up pics!

Check out all that meat! hmmm meat!

Apparently Haribou isn't japanese. go figure. but they had lots of free samples!

Apple to go, its an organic apple, washed and prepped, wrapped with a napkin so you can eat it on the go. strange things we see at food shows.

Hmm mince meat pies!

The lady from fat witch bakery! we liked her brownies!

The above pics weren't taking by me, I was carrying around stuff, and my preggors friend took the pics cause who's gonna yell at a preggors lady right?

I ate a lot of food, and samples, and drank a lot, energy drinks, relaxation drinks, it was all pretty awesome. the exhibitors there were pretty friendly, a lot of them were making this stuff at home, or rather their own shop and weren't huge distributors and stuff.

This is the bag I got on the first day that I used to carry back some free sample goodies.  The sensible portions ppl were nice to me, unlike the pirate booty ppl on day 2 who refused to give me a bag. WTH?! Oh cause I wasn't press or something else like a distributor who had tons of money, so they didn't want to kiss my ass like they did to them. How rude! Boo to the pirate ppl! You're so fucking rude!

Also on the 2nd day it was pretty bad. the reason why the fancy food show sucked in NYC was they were forcing people to donate. Yes, FORCED donations, now, that in itself sounds pretty damn tacky. Who the hell stops you right before you exit the show to go, oh you can't leave with those free samples, you have to donate it. WTF? If that were true then why the hell were they giving out samples in the first place?!

The first time we exited, the ghetto guy there who clearly hates his job was being totally rude. You can't leave with samples. WTF? I just saw you let those ppl in suits who clearly were distributors walk out and you have the nerve to harass me? Oh wait cause I have a food service/catering badge instead of press or distributor so you think its ok to harass me.

Forced donations are tacky. I threw in something, and the guy was so fucking rude. oh you have to donate more than that. Who the hell are you to say that to me? He then has the nerve to TOUCH my pregnant friend on the shoulders to move her aside so he can go through her bag and pick out samples. Now at this point, I'm totally mad. How DARE you touch her! My friend clearly upset, and pregnant, goes through her bag quickly to give him something so she can just leave. Course she's pregnant and she's basically eaten or drank most of her samples. Course ghetto man here still insists on going through her bag. Wow. really? Satisfied that he got what he wanted, he lets us go. My pregnant friend was clearly upset and just wanted to leave. Fine, I get that she's upset and we leave to go to the lower level.

I highly doubt these donations were going to any food bank, as when we asked where it was going, NONE of the workers there knew the name of the food bank. When I emailed them, someone in charge stated it was for City Harvest. Oh really? Why is it your workers didn't know this information? Maybe because they were taking these samples for themselves. The way that ghetto guy was going through my friend's bag makes me wonder now.

Now if you really wanted these food items to go to the food bank, why not ask the exhibitors themselves for donations rather than harassing each and over one of us that walks through? that wastes a lot of man power you know. Oh wait, they only harassed the people who weren't press, in suits, and distributors. i'm sure city harvest uses orchid extract for champagne.

I just found it really tacky and rude that they would do such a thing. Now i'm all for donating, but when they don't eve KNOW the name of the food bank they're allegedly donating to, then that just raises questions for me. Clearly the workers were taking items for themselves and were pretty damn greedy about it. Also it was really presumptuous of them to think everyone wanted to donate to this charity. I know that people only donate to certain charities for a reason.

I don't donate to religious ones, because I know they discriminate against people and children who don't follow their religion. That fucking annoys me. So you're only gonna help Jews or Christians cause that's what your charity is about huh? So those Muslim kids over there don't get your help then huh? That's screwed up. And some people don't wanna help people, they rather help animals, or whales or the environment!

I emailed the fancy food show about this, about being harassed, and why certain people were and weren't harassed. On what happened with my pregnant friend. And why they didn't just ask the exhibitors directly. And the lady completely ignored me. Days later she has the nerve to call me. And this is the time around my jury duty in brooklyn where they took my phone. Clearly I didn't have time to talk to her. How convenient for you to call when you're free. She left her number, but when I was finally done with jury duty I really didn't want to waste any time talking to his old lady who was pretty rude with her response. She wrote me a 2 sentence response to the paragraph I wrote her. The food bank is city harvest. We can't let people walk out with samples. WTF?

So I just have to pen all the bags and drinks and to make sure you guys don't take it from me right? Is that it? How fucking rude. I don't like being forced to donate. I said no, and that means no. If you harass me then you have the mind of a rapist. No means NO!

I had to drink a slow cow afterwards to calm down. I hate injustice and I hate getting picked on because i'm not in a suit, or press or pretend to be someone really annoying/loud who thinks I'm important. I know if I had a press pass on they wouldn't have bothered me at all. And the fancy food show lady won't own up to it. And that is the part that's shady.

Guess they couldn't pay their workers working minimum wage who hate their jobs in cash, so they told them they could harass people and take their samples.

If you screw up, just own up to it and move on. When you're shady like that, wow, it says a lot about you and your shitty organization.

I have no idea what this says, but its an interesting korean drink. one of them has garlic extract. Yes i'm sure the homeless people at city harvest would love drinking this stuff.

luckily I drank this cause I was hot, but this was an interesting packaging concept.

Anyways, aside from the rude workers there, the show itself is pretty awesome, and the exhibitors are nice and friendly. free food is awesome. i got to eat fage and lots of different kinds of greek yogurts there. The next show will be in DC, so if you ladies in that area wanna go, you should go, but you should raise hell if they try to stop you for forced donations. Cause that's just rude.

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ChyiX2 said...

Yikes! I can't believe that happened to you, I would feel so angry, especially with the invading my personal space and forced donations. Grrr! Donations ought to be voluntary, that's all I have to say.