Brunch time!

Who doesn't like brunch? seriously its late enough where you can roll out of bed and get your drink on! w00t! who ever thought of brunch was a genius!

Now let's start things off right! Brunch requires you to have a fruity or boozy drink. Most of the time the ladies get a fruity drink with some bubbly in it. I of course am not your typical girl. I like to start my day off with some spicy bloody mary! Tasty! Wakes you up! And it comes with pickled asparagus!

And the guys I went with decided to go for a foo foo fruity drink. Go figure.

I got the pastrami hash, with eggs and home fries. its their version of corn beef hash but with pastrami, and damn it was tasty! Fluffy eggs, tasty potatoes and yummy meat! who doesn't like meat?!

And yes we had to get some buttery pancakes too! topped with strawberries!

We got french toast too but that was inhaled the second it reached the table. It had a custardy inside. I have no idea how they did it but it was punch a baby good!

And yes we ordered a side of sausage on top of that! the pig is a great and glorious animal!

And if that weren't enough we got dessert too! beignets on top of that! Not the same as the ones in Nola. but then again nothing beats Nola.

The next brunch Domo came along.

Pork chop and eggs. It looks like more than 2 eggs, but damn its so tasty! Home fries underneath too! The pork chop isn't overcooked or dry, its perfect! Damn I <3 the pig, you're so damn tasty!

This is a mexican scramble. its got chorizo sausage, jalepenos and pepperjack cheese! And home fries, and they all come with a side of toast too! damn talk about gluttony!

And here's a side of corn beef hash! so tasty!

Brunch is awesome! Its a weekend thing but hell go for it!

And after that I picked up some lip balm. Go monkey! its a keychain to hold your lip balm. lol! Paul Frank rules!

Hope you liked that food porn! :)

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