mini haul

My weekend and week was always fun filled. There's never a dull moment running around in New York that's for sure. Those of you who are wondering what happened to me, well you'll have to read my other blog. And no I don't give that one out freely.

I spent Thursday hitting the outlets with a friend who had a 20% off coupon, course when I read the stores you could use it in, (fat lady stores) he was kinda sad and just got the coupon book instead. I hit Lucky jeans and scored these capri jeans for 9.99, pretty awesome, and they did take the 20% coupon so it came out to 8 bucks. sweetness!

Randomly we walked into Juicy Couture, cause I was joking about how I would love to get a full on velour jump suit with the word juicy blinged out on my ass. My friend was all for it, he said he would even buy it for me if I wore it proudly. So the hunt began. Sadly the word juicy is on the side now. Yes I was so sad about that. Lol!

But I did see this pair of shoes! I snagged it, tried it on and went damn, these are hot! These are so mine! They were 40% off the price on the box, so I was all for it. Course it rang up higher than I had expected. My friend said he would buy them for me as a belated b day present. Yay!

I showed the ladies on twitter and they were all hot about the color. damn it is a hot color!

Ran into Betsey cause I love betsey. Snagged these earrings. They've got a lady bug on it. I love her mismatched earrings!

I also picked up this bracelet. Its got a bunny! It goes with the necklace and earring that I already have. yes i'm crazy like that.

Then went to storage and dumped off some stuff. Then we went on the hunt for the elusive watermelon roll. Yes we love those things, and its seasonal! Gotta stock up!

More food porn coming!

2 stalkers:

Kate said...

Look at all the divine Juicy Couture you just bought!

Aradani said...

I love that betsey johnson does mismatched earrings, but all the ones i've seen from her were always too lolita for my boring style BUT the ones you found are soooo pretty! I've never seen those.
and mmmm I've never tried a watermelon roll