Lucido L Hair Dye Review

I bought this dye a while back and never got around to actually dying my hair, maybe cause I'm such a procrastinator. I got this at Mitsuwa. I was looking for the japanese bubble hair dye, but couldn't find it. So I ended up with this instead. Lucido L makes some pretty awesome hair products so I figure why not?

So I picked this color, cause I figure it would match my hair extensions, well that and the fact that my rooms had severely grown out. I think the color was hazelnut bubble tea or something like that.

Yeah so my roots had grown out a lot, and my grey hairs were showing, A LOT. Grey hair shows up more on black hair then it does on let's say a lighter hair color right? So that's the before picture. My hair is all different lengths cause I'm growing out my hair but you can see its all different colors. *cry*

So I break open the box and see what's inside. Its all so cute really. Instructions with gloves, bottle one, bottle 2, a comb to attach to the bottle and conditioning rinse thing.

So this is the comb thing. It kinda reminds me of the one L'oreal has too. I hate the comb thing, the stuff comes out at the tip of the comb, so when you run it through your hair you can just run it through, you have to kinda pay attention if the hair dye is getting on your hair, and you end up squeezing more product out to make sure your hair is covered. Its a good idea in theory and all.

The instructions are pink, and pretty cute. This is how you're suppose to use it. Why does the cartoon always look easier than when you do it in real life?

So off I go and dye my hair...aint it sexy?

I couldn't read the instructions totally, the ones in english on the box said 20 min, but i'm sure the ones in japanese said something about 25 min and longer for other stuff.

So this is the end result. Not bad right? No more roots!

But I realized that it doesn't really do much against my greys. My grey hair was still visible, sigh, but not as visible on dark black hair I guess. I think if I had left it on longer then maybe the greys would have taken in some color. But then I have really resistant greys. When I get my hair colored at the Arrojo hair salon, and they use professional grade stuff, my greys are still resistant, but they do take in some color.

In the above pics, I blew dry my hair really fast and didn't style it, so the ends are all crazy.

Overall, this is a pretty good hair dye. My hair didn't feel fried afterward, the hair dye itself didn't smell too terrible and it wasn't too overwhelming. It was pretty easy to use, and box was enough for my hair. It cost me about 8 bucks at Mitsuwa, and yes I would buy it again. Also I was too lazy to use photoshop, so don't accuse me of altering my pics, cause i'm too lazy for that!

Its been a month since I dyed my hair, and its not the same vibrant color as it was in the pics, it still has a redish tone to it, but as we all know red fades the fastest, sigh. Anyways, next up is hair mask reviews cause after dyeing your hair, you gotta condition it!

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Anonymous said...

Do you apply it on dry or damp hair?

chibi said...

It's a pretty color and the dye did a good job of lightening up the dark hair.

alien man?! said...

How do I bribe you into sending me a box?

Ethereal Prey said...

@flatmate - applied it on dry hair

@alienman - what color do you want? email me babes

Sammy said...

Ooh do you happen to do custom orders for folks who cannot get their hands on this in-store? LMK, thanks :)