Dragon Boat!

So a few weeks ago I went to the Dragon Boat races in NYC. Its held here in Queens.*gasp* At Flushing Meadow Park to be exact, yes that's the same place in MIB 2 and Iron Man 2, where they blew it up and the giant globe, aka Unisphere.

I went to support my friends, two of them were padding in the races, and one of them was selling food there. Damn it was hot there, sunny bright, sun beating down on you hot. Not humid, which was a good thing. I spent some time helping my friend sell her curry fish balls and then spent some time watches the races and hiding at my friend's tent. Yes its good to have friends in tents.

It was a 2 day event. I took some pics and vids, but mostly the exciting things were happening the first day.

And yes all the goddamn fobs came out in droves. Ghetto nasty fobs, spitting and squatting, and being super rude. Some of them had no concept of personal space, would push you aside, bump into you and act like nothing happened. Like WTF? I don't care if you're fucking old, I will push you back and break your hip. And like typical fobs, if any spot had shade they were in it, squishing into a tiny spot. wtf? They brought their annoying umbrellas, stupid loud kids, and strollers with babies. I hate fobs. Yes I know I went to a fob infested event.

The PA system sucked, no one really knew who was racing and they were behind by 30 min. I rushed to get there by 10:20 am saturday cause my friend was racing at 10:30. Turns out he didn't race till 11 cause the people there were so disorganized and didn't know what was going on. It was like the air traffic controllers at JFK.

As you can see FOBS love getting in the way of my picture. And yes you can hear the drummer as they're paddling.

This is the stage where they would have various performers, and I do mean various. Yes they're playing fobby music. SMH. sigh. all those creepy white guys with fetishes are gonna be all up on this.

There were companies there giving out free stuff hence the LONG ass lines. Damn fobs! If there's free stuff you know they're gonna be there! It was ridiculous how long the lines were! Look the fobs have their umbrellas out! They have their stupid kids, annoying strollers and useless old ppl! And yes that is an old car in the middle that no one cares about cause they're all on line for free stuff.

Then we had the opening ceremonies. The dragon dance, the lion dance and etc. I took vid of the dragon dance as shown.

What was annoying was this old white lady telling us asians what the lion and dragon dance meant.  Bitch, we chinese, we know what it means, we wanna watch, so STFU! But damn her voice was annoying, trying to sound all smart and shit. STFU! No one wants to hear the sound of your voice!

So the lion dancers were pretty amazing doing their stuff. Everyone was taking pics, and vids. Creepy men photographers were taking pics as well. People were rude and shoving and pushing. Half of them were amateurs with giant lenses that they didn't know how to use. But just using them to try to impress people. Fetish much?
One creepy old man who had a press pass just turned around and took a pic of me! WTF? Then the other creepy white guy goes why aren't you smiling? WTF? You fucking creep! You didn't even ask to take my pic! WTF is up with creepy old white men who have asian fetishes?

I took out my super awesome pimping hat for the dragon boat races. It helped so much as my head didn't fry and it was like a giant umbrella at times! Yeah you know you want my hat!

My friend was selling curry fish balls. I don't know why she just didn't sell ice cream or something like that instead. I mean seriously those would have sold much better, but whatever. She gave me free fish balls and let me hang out in her tent in the shade.

I left early the first day, after my friend finished his race. The 2nd day I just left after both my friends were in the same race finished. I pretty much hung out in their tent. I had a pretty good view of the lake.

This was my hat guarding the tent. Fucking fobs would try to squeeze into our tent the second they could see a spot. Then they would try to steal chairs. Oh, lemme sit here for a second my knee hurts. Fucking bullshit, you need to stand lady! Then they keep asking if they can take the chair, and I'm like no! What part of NO don't you understand? And then they take it anyways. Fucking fobs!

Here's a vid of some dragon boating going on. Damn these fobs talk loud! Ain't nobody wanna hear you!

I also ran into some ppl from high school that I haven't seen in ages! Funny how dragon boat connects the asian community together.

And of course at the end of the day, everyone had fun, sorta, and everyone remembers the day. Or something like that.

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ChyiX2 said...

This is so cool! The asian community here ain't that big so we have nothing of the sorts.

Aradani said...

i do! I do want your hat! lol
that looks like an awesome time