Crave Shack

Stumbled upon this place in Astoria, Queens of all places, its in the arab area of astoria not the greek one. This place uses halal meat so everyone can eat their burgers and nachos, well except vegans and vegetarians but we're not including them as real people.

This place is relatively new, but its pretty cute inside. You would think it was trying to copy shake shack wouldn't you?

Domo waiting for his food, and watching the baseball game. rawr!

this is what we ordered. yes we animals!

Our friend got some nachos. He only eats halal, so he's never had nachos fulled loaded. He was excited and happy. They were pretty decent.

And the thing that drew me in was this crave shack donut burger. Yes, donut burger! Your eyes are not deceiving you! Its a lovely burger, but instead of using a normal bun, they take a glazed donut, cut it in half and use it as the bun instead. Damn I feel the heart attack coming! yes I ate it, it was weird, cause of the sugary sweetness of the donut. And that's turkey bacon in there.

Their normal burger is ok, its not shake shack good though. Its a bit dry so you have to add ketchup and stuff to it.

They had some good wings, I got the mango ones, cause I don't do well with spicy food, and my friends got the really spicy ones.

These are the inferno ones, they're pretty spicy, but my friends wanted to be a show off and added more spicy sauce to it. le sigh.

The staff is pretty friendly, this place is pretty new, so don't be an asshole when you visit them! Try the donut burger at your own risk now! If you feel a sharp pain in your arm its best to go to the hospital.

Crave Shack
25-47 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 278-2323

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Tammy said...

Donut burger..??? hmm..might be worth a try!

Aradani said...

you always get me really hungry with your food posts, woman! lol I'm off to raid my fridge since I'm nowhere near any good food places right now and my mom is a mean cook.
Hope you are well =]

sylph said...
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