Betsey Johnson Sample Sale mini haul

 Oh ladies, its that time of year again! Time to dust off your riot gear and charge into the mob of uglies! And yes there were uglies, and old ladies and stupid girls there. God the crowd just gets worse and bigger!

For some reason this year, it was massively crowded in a bad way, more so than last year. It was like the Houston 500 gangbang. (yes that is a picture of Houston, the porn star, before the gangbang wore her out)

Actually it was more like a free for all anal gangbang, stuff being thrown all over, people crowding and shoving into each other, long lines for the fitting rooms, dresses being thrown about. It was just ugly. (yes that is sasha grey, cause hell that girl is a free for all in a gangbang)

And you know what? I don't do ugly. I don't deal with these stupid fat, ugly bitches. I have an agenda and that's to get in and out as fast as possible. No you're not going to squeeze into that size 2 dress. deal with it and move on. But fine, grab onto that size 2 dress, lie to yourself, I'm gonna grab my size in the meantime.

Prices were eh. the newer stuff was $100. The other evening dresses were 65. day dresses were 50. eh, I dunno, i'm not down with paying 50 for a cotton dress. sweaters were 50. wtf? are you insane? its freaking summer and you're gonna charge that much for a sweater?! screw that! leggings were 45. yes leggings. animal print leggings were 45. screw that, they were cotton and I could get leggings like that elsewhere.

Lots of bags, a bit over priced, nothing screamed out buy me there. They sold socks too, 3 pairs for 25. eh. they weren't that cute now.

I looked at all the dresses, it was kinda sad, nothing screamed out buy me. The staff there was taping up pictures of betsey's dresses on celebs and on glee. Sigh. Is this what we've resorted down to now? Anyways, the dresses were overpriced and I wasn't gonna drop that much on a dress. Plus I have a lot of cake dresses, so I can wait a bit.

What I did manage to score was shoes, and jewelry. I headed over there to scope it out. Most of the good stuff was going fast. I grabbed up some earrings and a ring. I was gonna get a necklace but they were super heavy and chunky, think charm bracelet but for your neck. It was older stuff and I was hoping for the floral stuff instead. But here's the haul.

This is my monkey ring, I have the matching earrings, really. I was kinda surprised to see the monkey ring there. It was the ONLY one they had, and I snatched it up. Yes monkey STARES at you! Monkey gives you *judgy face*

I like how on the inside of her rings it says her name and has a little gem next to it. No I didn't pay full price for this, god when do I ever pay full price for this stuff? Sample same prices! Hey! Now I'm adding to my ridiculous giant ring collection.

I grabbed this pair of earrings too. I have a similar pair, its a red fish and a yellow crab, but I hate that it has the weird hook snap clasp thing. So I was pretty happy to see this pair of blue fish. They were pretty cute!

The back of the fish has a gem. I put them on after I left the sale, they're not too heavy but they do have some weight on them. I can see wearing this over time will leave me with giant ear holes. They had the matching necklace but I was like eh...It was super long so I wasn't sure if I was going to wear it or not. But they are super cute!

Shoes apparently were $10. talk about a deal there! These shoes are from seasons ago and they're just trying to get rid of them. sadly they had weird sizes, like 6 for you tiny feet ppl, and 8 and above for your giant feet ppl. I have the common size 7, but yes, I stole the last pair of size 7 shoes bitches. No I'm not gonna share with you. yes I had to find them, but i did, and I didn't let go. Suck it! No I didnt pay the price on the box, wtf? talk about crazy retail prices!

So this is the last pair of size 7 shoes. They're kinda cute, I have a dress in those colors so I'm gonna work it! Plus for only 10 american dollars I'll find something to go with it!

And I snagged up this pair too, true its a size 8, but its ok, it fits me just fine. I have this thing where I don't like my heel to to be shorter than the shoe or be right up against it, I like to have some leeway. Yes that is a cherry charm on both shoes. I have a pair similar in wedge form. I'm so gonna rock these this summer.

The sample sale over all was chaotic. It was hot, and the AC was barely working, due to the fact of the number of crazy women there. Some ladies were going crazy grabbing up a ton of stuff, like they've never shopped before. Calm down bitches! and that crazy girl from the last sale was there too, working her kankles, and cleopatra winged out liner. She doesn't even work for Betsey and she was there again, staring at dresses, pretending to be someone. Geez, the interns are already over worked why don't you get out of their way?

I'm gonna head back friday to see what's left and if they slashed prices. I really didn't feel the need to buy any of those dresses today for some reason, nothing screamed out buy me like the other couple of times. Go figure. Hope you NYC ladies get to go and get some good stuff. Push the ugly ladies out of the way and tell the old ladies with cottage cheese asses to stop wearing a thong! *shudders*

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chibi said...

The shoes are so cute!
You got some great finds.
Good luck to you if you go back to the sale.

ChyiX2 said...

Those earrings are so cute! I also can't believe you found 10$ shoes, why do miracles like that never happen to me?