Shake Shack

Its summer time and that brings us the age old question when approaching summertime bbq food. Are you a hot dog or hamburger person? Choose wisely.I personally like both, but I do lean towards the hot dog for some reason, perhaps its physically easier for me to eat, rather then the round burger that has more surface area and then i have to use both hands to eat. Yes I know guys can hold a burger in one hand and a beer in the other, but we ladies, with our delicate hands require 2 hands, or other other hand is holding our bag.

So the battle for summertime food is on! I went to the Shake Shack to check them out. People say they have the best burgers and blah blah blah. Yes blah. I don't want to hear your mouth running. I'm just gonna go check it out.

Domo and I went to the one on the upper west side. Goddamn stupid white people! They just walk around freely not paying attention to the cars on the street thinking everything and everyone will stop just for them. No you're not that special! Look you retards! Has the upper west side made you even more stupid than your counterparts on the east side?

We ordered and they gave us a buzzer to tell us when our food would be done. Here Domo is waiting patiently. Domo Hungry!

Here are the burgers and fries. Domo not sharing with you! Domo I got you your own burger! Cmon! RAWR! I got the burger that came with a mushroom. 

It was kinda odd, it was two portabello mushrooms sandwiching a cheese ball. I couldn't really eat the burger with it in, so i had to take it out. But it was quite tasty. The burger that is. It had peanut oil or something in there. Either way I devoured it within minutes.

Cause that burger was inhaled so quickly, I was still sorta hungry. I know, Gotta feed the tapeworm. Plus Domo was hungry too! So we ordered a hot dog, fully loaded.

Ain't it sexy? Yes it is! So tasty too!

Yes it was tasty, It had everything, even some spicy peppers, whole. Domo approves! rawr!

I also saw they were going to film Curb your Enthusiasm there too. Well on that street that is.  And for you drunkards and lushes, they have beer and wine for you.

Shake Shack
366 Columbus Ave (at 77th St)
New York, New York 10024
Hours: 11 am - 11pm

Also July 4th is coming up which means its the nathan's annual hot dog eating contest! Let the gluttony continue! I'm rooting for the Japanese! lol! Joey Chestnut can suck it! He can dance around and jump like he's having a seizure all he wants. Sorry but Kobayashi is an eating machine. Sorry to hear that he won't be competing. Awe....

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ChyiX2 said...

Mmh... I think I like both. It's really hard to choose, the sausages here in Denmark are some of the best I've tasted ever and we even have these wiener wagons placed all over the city. Great snack on the way home after a night out but a burger can be sooo tasty if you make it right. Argh, so hard to choose, can't I just have both?

Mona said...

you. me. madison square park shake shack. IMMEDIATELY