Rooftop party

And how was your 4th of July? Was it sweltering hot? Did you feel the hot breeze on your skin? Did you wish you stayed indoors with the AC blasting?

Mine was spent goofing off, and chasing after the elusive watermelon loaf.  That's a whole other post. It didn't really include any fireworks unless you count the ones I was walking away from. Yes, yes I'm not a very social animal these days.

But a few weeks ago, we all gathered at Lynnie1223's place. She lives above the Tiffany store! How awesome is that?! Its nice to think that she's right above all those blue boxes with white ribbons. hee hee!

So we all gathered on her roof to look at the view of the city. Lots of people were up there sunbathing. Yes we had bon chon!

We chatted and ate, and drank lemonade, and we got a lot of sun! Good thing I brought my sunblock and hat. Course I missed a spot, my back and that turned nice and toasty red later. And this week its decided that I shall molt like a lobster.

So we ate and got some sun, then we went downstairs soaked up the AC and headed out. So many shoes so little time!

Its always good to spend time with the ladies! Domo you lush!

And of course Domo is always classy!

In other news, I'm going through some stuff, hence why the time between posts are getting longer and longer. Real life drama always sucks up so much energy and time. Trying to get through it is the hard part. Plus the fact that its insanely hot this week doesn't help. I'll see you when I see you! look for me on twitter.

3 stalkers:

Iyah said...

wow!!! rooftop party!! nice!! =) unfortunately I worked during 4th of fireworks for me! :(

wuzzyangel said...

It seems as soon as you get over shit, something else drama filled happens to you! :( I hope this one blows over quickly! :)

Nice rooftop party!! LOL! See it's things like this that make me wanna go to NYC and pretend I'm classy & hip! LOL!

ChyiX2 said...

Nice rooftop party!

We, your loyal readers will still be here when you get back, just take your time. I hope you get things sorted out...