We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Remember those summer days? When you were out playing and you heard the chimes and ring of the ice cream truck? Remember running to it like a moth to the flame? remember salivating like pavlov's dog? And hoping you had enough change in your piggy bank so you could stuff your face with ice cream? Oh to be young and naive again!

So this is an ice cream truck tour of nyc. My friend from Texas came over and wanted some ice cream, mostly because he could never get to the ice cream truck in time before it left, so we decided to make a night of it. Lactose intolerant people look away!

First up was the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck. We'd always miss it and then see it driving around, taunting us. Damn you and your pastel yellow face laughing at us! There's 2 trucks, and they travel around the city. They named their trucks, one is called Panda and the other Kangaroo. Really, I don't make this stuff up.

This is their menu, we basically tried almost every flavor they had, except for the currents and cream because its out of season. My fave is the earl grey ice cream. I know you're all going ew. Earl grey? Really, the guy suggested it, and it was pretty damn tasty and I've been hooked on every since. The Gianduja tasted like the inside of a rochelle chocolate ball. Really. Their standard vanilla, chocolate, strawberry are good, but its the other flavors that are really worth trying. If you like ginger then you'll love their ginger ice cream. If you love coffee esp expresso, then get it and you'll be ready and jolted!

After my friend at 6 scoops of ice cream, really he did, we ventured off to another ice cream truck, yes really. We found Van Leeuwen hanging around university and 12th I think, so it was pretty close to union square.

We found the Big Gay Ice Cream truck at union square, around 16th street. You can't miss it, actually you can. It looks like a Mr Softee ice cream truck almost, except for the rainbow cone.

The guy working was pretty funny. He saw us with the Van Leeuwen ice cream and demanded to know who we were cheating on him with. lol! We told him no no, see she means nothing. She's nothing, we don't care about here. We're all free with the love here. LOL! He had a good sense of humor. He asked us where we got the ice cream from. And we told him. His response was that oh, I'm a different kind of ice cream, I'm more dirty, and gritty as you can see. LOL.

We looked at his menu. He had pretty interesting names for the ice creams. Salty Pimp baby! We asked him if he had the bacon for the ice cream, and he said since he was starting out the season he didn't have time to make the bacon yet, and he has to hire someone to help him with it. So no bacon that night. Awe...

I ended up getting the salty pimp. Its soft serve vanilla in a cone, with salted carmel, and chocolate. If you don't like salted carmel, then you won't like this. Its sweet, salty and cold all at the same time. It balances itself out well, but again if you don't like salted carmel with chocolate, you won't like this, like my other friend who didn't like it at all!

My friend got the Monday Sundae. Its a waffle cone lined with nutella, twist ice cream, salted carmel and whipped cream. Again if you don't like salted carmel which seems to be the thing with most people then you won't like this combo. It's kinda like chocolate covered pretzels, the salty and the sweet fighting with each other.

After that we took a slight detour, we made a pit stop here cause we wanted some solid food. Course its so cheestastic that we're so gonna be lactose in the morning! Yes this place makes mac n cheese people!

This one is Alpine --> mac n cheese with bacon slab. Yes we will have bacon. It comes in a pizza box almost. Its very cheesy and tasty. I like this one a lot. But you should share, cause this is way too much cheese and carbs for one person to eat. Let's not forget the 2 ice cream trucks we ate earlier too.

This one is the cajun one. Its got veggies, cajun spices and some andue sausage in it. Its got a lot of flavors going on, too much, which is why I like the first one better.

As you can tell all the cows are laughing at us for ingesting so much dairy. Yes they're mocking us right now, with their huge utters hanging low and their cow spots. Laughing at us as we're about to continue on with this ice cream tour. At last they will have their revenge upon us!

The last stop on our ice cream tour, is this place. Its known for liquid nitrogen ice cream. I'm not a chemist so don't ask me how exactly it works. All I know is that the guy mixes the liquids together, the cream part, adds in the flavor you want, puts it in the mixer, turns it on adds the liquid nitrogen and you watch it smoke up.

Its really for the novelty of it, and it wears off after a while. Guess its the New Yorker in me.

This guy works here, the only guy in here. His dad owns the place. He's mixing up the flavors with the cream.

So here Domo is waiting for his ice cream. He put the mixture into the mixer. He's dipping the scoop into water, and he has to pour water on the mixing blade as soon as he's done scooping the ice cream out.

Now it's smoking cause he added the liquid nitrogen. You're not suppose to touch it with your bare hands cause it will burn you! BADLY! But in a few minutes, not even your ice cream is ready! and COLD!

Domo and his ice cream. He picked passionfruit, the naughty fruit! Though I did realize that the ice cream is very creamy and heavy on the dairy part. The fruit flavors aren't strong enough or the guy didn't put enough in. So I'd go for the savory flavors instead like carmel and burnt sugar.

Here are some customer favorites. Do you go with the masses or make your own choice? Hmmm...

Thus ends our ice cream tour. No more dairy please! Only in NYC can you do something like this. Yes there are other ice cream places you can go to, but chasing the ice cream truck and watching liquid nitrogen ice cream is pretty fun!

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wuzzyangel said...

Oh hell Jen, One day you're gonna send me into a bliss induced food coma from your posts alone!

All the ice cream looks so good! Mmm.. Earl Grey, Ginger, I want I want!

Bacon on gay ice cream?! LOL! THose look soo good too!!

Ohhh you know I LOVE CHEESE!! LOL! Dammmit!

mayaari said...

that earl grey ice cream sounds right up my alley! I've only seen the liquid nitrogen ice cream thing on Top Chef - I guess it speeds up the process to make the ice cream, plus you get all the drama with the smoke/fog?

I need to make another long trip to NYC so I can visit more food places! and now I just added ice cream to my NYC foodie trip :)

ChyiX2 said...

Omg, I want to go to NY just for trying out the things you posted here. *drools*