NYC Brewfest 2010 on full blast!

So over the weekend, I like everyone else got tricked and suckered into NYC Brewfest. Let me tell you how shitastic it was. Really, I don't think anyone could have created such a disorganized, horrible event, I mean even psycho serial killers have WAY more intellect and organizational skills than the people who attempted to arrange this event. Course in the end, after they took your money they really didn't care what happened to you.

I literally have to warn everyone within the tri state area of how horrible this event was. They way they described the event, of course it would attract all the stupid white ppl, and god there were a lot, everyone who wanted to drink and have a good time. The only good time was had by the people who stole my money!

They tried to bill it as 300 breweries would be there. This ain't no oktoberfest. Hell some high school kid's beer keg party would have been better. Disorganized doesn't even describe it. If you didn't shell out $75 for a connoisseur's pass, you were going to have a foul time. Though I HIGHLY doubt they got $75 worth of beer out of it. Everyone else shelled out $55. This "included transportation on the water taxi". When we get to the water taxi, people are just being herded and standing around. There was NO organization, NO communication between the workers and the volunteers. The workers were telling us to go here and go there. Then we were told we had to get on the back of some other long line. WTF? They just told us to come here! Then some volunteer says they don't have stamps on their hands and need to go on this other line. LONG ASS line in the sun. Security was just a bunch of nosy bitches, looking in my bag, then some were too lazy to look.

Then herded again somewhere else, and then onto the pier to wait for the boat. then we get on the boat, and its suppose to be a 6 min ride there. OMFG. I got there before 3:30. I'd say 3:15. I didn't get onto the island itself till 4:15. The boat ride took FOREVER, as there were ONLY spaces for 2 boats, and they were just chilling, so we just sat there in open water. floating around. When we got off the damn boat, we were told to walk along the path. There were mediocre signs pointing nyc brewfest this way. we basically walked around the island to get to brewfest. WTF? Once there, we were herded to the "opening" where they attempted to check ID and give us wristbands. Those who bought Music passes only paid $25 but got wristbands and cups anyways, cause again the workers there just don't care. I guess that's what happens when you work minimum wage.

Once we finally got in, we picked up our plastic cup and went to get on lines to sample the breweries. At first they moved pretty fast. We got a couple of drinks, and started to feel toasty. We got hungry and made the mistake of standing on a food line. That line moved worse than the DMV, it didn't move at all. We swapped off going to breweries and waiting on food. Course by then, the brewery lines didn't move. WTF? The lines were so mixed up, you couldn't tell which line you were on. Some people ran out of beer and they were like we're done. WTF? Didn't they tell you how many ppl to expect? You should have brought  more than 4 kegs you know! The people working brewfest were not equipped to handle that many people. Its like they KNEW how many tickets they sold, so why didn't they make accommodations for it? This event was completely oversold and they knew it, but course once they stole your money they didn't care.

Drunk, stupid, white ppl were everyone. Who wears hells and a dress to an event like this? Its outdoors with grass, yeah you're totally dressed for it. Some girls were wearing bikini's for some reason. Ugh, girl if you don't work out, and don't have a decent set of 2's then please cover up as we don't want to throw up even more. Yes people started throwing up. Ew. Stupid white people, why do you like to stand right in front of the keg and hang out and talk? This isn't a bar! get your drink and move the hell out of the way! Then they get offended if you ask them to move. Stupid white ppl! Then people just started cutting the line. WTF? People in line got mad, started yelling, and where was security? Oh conveniently no where in sight. Now you have annoyed, drunk white ppl, stumbling, being ignorant and stupid.

Oh and my friends are still on the food line waiting. I go back, and they finally get to order and get food. But they ran out of potatoes so no "chips" no cheese for the burgers. My god. We were just happy to get some food and then finally get out of the sun. Went back on line for more beer. It was utter chaos. The stupid white ppl, well they became the typical stupid ignorant white people, thinking cause they're white they deserve special treatment. its the wanna be yuppies I'm talking about. Wearing polo's ugly plaid or print button down shirts, with khaki shorts and penny loafers, who the fuck wears that in the summer? Stupid white ppl. Not to say all white ppl are like that, but i'm referring to the stupid white ppl who fit that genre, who "work in fiance"

Let's just say after the long lines, and getting only 4oz of beer, some of it bad, we sobered up and decided to leave. We left at 7pm, made a long walk around the island to get back on the boat to get off this godforsaken island. Course the staff working there was obviously racist. Sure let's pick on the asians. WTF? One of my friends wanted to take a picture of the nyc skyline, the second he stepped on the grass the workers there were like STAY OFF THE GRASS! WTF? You just let a bunch of stupid drunk ass white ppl walk on the grass and you're telling us we can't do the same? Yeah well I ain't working some shitty minimum  wage job here am I? Shit, see what happens when you don't graduate kidies? We reach the area where the boats are, they just make us stop and wait on the damn cobblestone, it wasn't fun. In fact the ONE person there was pretending to call out something. No one heard him. But we're all standing there waiting. The people who go to the right, apparently are getting on the water taxi's that go to brooklyn. And you know what? boats were coming and going to brooklyn, rather efficiently. Meanwhile everyone else standing there was waiting to go back to Manhatten.

 I was standing there on the fucking cobblestone for well over an hour in flip flops, going wtf is going on. Meanwhile stupid drunk white ppl around surrounding me. One dumbfuck was drunk and leaning on people, while his stupid ignorant friend, gf and MOM were like oh he's drunk. Awesome parenting there bitch. You're so cool that you get drunk with your ginger of a son. And he was one of those wanna be yuppies that "work in finance" god no wonder we're in a recession. I elbowed him a bunch of times, but he was too stupid and drunk to get the hint. I finally moved over, and he was grossly leaning up on his girl who freaked out and was so disgusted by being touched by a ginger. Hell I would too. He was wearing those stupid polo shirts, with those ugly khaki shorts, or the plaid print shorts and penny loafers, in this weather! Ugh stupid white people. Now when I say stupid white ppl, I'm not saying all white ppl are stupid, just that wanna be yuppies, and stupid hippies in brooklyn are.

Then this fat couple squeeze infront of me. Dear god I mean squeezed. They were making out in front of me. EW. and the girl was super needy and clingy. EW. Thank god I was fucking stone cold sober by then. After waiting in lines all day, and then having to stand there I sobered up completely!And damn fat ppl get mad fast! She got mean and nasty and tried to get over to the other side and people could not let her through for obvious reasons and she got nastier.

So then this worker tells us that we have to be on the other side cause all the boats there are going to brooklyn and manhatten. WTF? No one told us that. We were so angry by then people started moving over to the right side. But of course then the staff decides to let the ppl on the cobblestone side through. WTF? Do you people NOT talk to each other? Are you just that grossly stupid? I ran back to the cobblestone side, got squished by another fat girl, nearly trampled on as I was trying to get through.

Worst part was the staff hiding behind the metal gates were going, slow down, don't run, WTF? Maybe if you fucking opened up the gates people could get through. Maybe if you were somewhat organized people wouldn't be so fucking angry right now. Why don't you fucking try to maintain order here bitches instead of just sitting on your fat asses?

We ended up walking all the way back to brewfest but on the other side, and getting on the governor's island ferry for cars. Clearly that wasn't legal, as this boat was for cars and not for people, and the number of people vs the number of life jackets/savers well damn that's a lawsuit waiting to happen! There we saw a bunch of people going up on top, and we were headed there, and one of the racist workers decided that asians couldn't be up there, he stopped us! WTF?! Meanwhile a ton of drunk white ppl are running up the stairs there! WTF?! So we ended up standing inside where the cars would have been parked breathing in these awesome fumes. NOT!

I couldn't wait to get off that damn boat. We walked out, and the sidewalk was fenced off with metal gates. People ended up walking in the streets and cross the FDR, yeah that was what? 6 lanes of traffic? Oh and there was NO police in sight. Awesome coordination there. This entire event was a disaster!

I would never EVER go back! And no one else should either! It was an absolute horrible experience! I need to inform everyone just how horrible it was, and that everyone should save their money and NOT have it stolen by brewfest!

NYC Brewfest you straight up stole my money. You sold WAY too many tickets and you know it! You didn't have enough staff, rather adequate staffing that displayed any intelligence, you employ a couple of racists, you had no signs! Your porta potty's were disgusting, as they ran out of toilet paper early on, and all the sinks had NO water. Even prisoners get a running toilet with toilet paper you know. These conditions were unacceptable! You stole my money and everyone else's. I did NOT get $55 worth of beer! I want my money back! I will NEVER go to any event that is remotely sponsored or related to heartland brewery or ny brewer's association. Gratz guys you stole people's money. But don't expect me to stay quiet about it. You guys are thieves!

I find it funny how on their facebook page, they deleted all the negative comments they were getting and got rid of the discussions board. Guess they couldn't handle the negative comments. And they request you email them privately so they can't be on public blast. NYC Brewfest you should be ashamed of yourself! You stole people's money and then didn't bother to plan or coordinate the event at all. You grabbed the money and like a pimp bounced. Never again!

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wuzzyangel said...

LOL! Prey you crack me up! But sorry to hear what an utter letdown and FAIL this was. Sad that you had to lose any amt of money to this!

Jimin said...

jjjjjeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz i just read this entire horrible, shitty experience you had to go through. I cant even imagine how pissed you are... damn I would throw a fit. thank god you got your money back! And I hope alot more people hear about this and demand their money back too..