NYC Brewest Fiasco part 2

In my previous post I described the horrors of Brewfest. It was a disaster. The Brewfest people themselves didn't seem to care how terrible of a time people had, and were just sitting there counting all their money, meanwhile hiring some PR suckers to handle damage control. Well this is what happened.

They took down all their negative comments on their fb page as they obviously couldn't handle it, that and the bad PR. They said we should all privately email them. I did, and I got this substandard cookie cutter response. Are you trying to insult my intelligence here?

You know I'm not a retard, and I can read, that and the fact that I can see you are clearly trying to shift the blame elsewhere, AND trying to point out your positives, which you clearly have none. I don't care that you have organized before, I don't care that you have allegedly years of experience. I guess if all 15 of you came together and had a year's experience each that would make it 15 total right? What pisses me off the most is that they said that Gov's Island said it had to be open to the public. WTF? So why did you charge me $55 plus tax and handling fee's? I could have just taken the gov ferry over there and walked in. No one was checking wristbands inside and there was NO security there at all. I was beyond pissed. I wrote back pointing out what they wrote and DEMANDED my money back, it was not a request or a question.

And then I decided I needed to take more action. I went after the sponsors. Yes I did. Heartland Brewery was a huge sponsor for them, so I went and emailed them. I was not about to let this go. I also emailed the NY Brewer's Association. Because allegedly part of the money from this event was going to them. (I love how they've taken down the sponsors on the brewfest page now)

And I got a response from Heartland Brewery. Surprisingly it was from the Founder/CEO of the company. He seemed upset at what was happening there as well. He said he would talk to the Brewfest team about it. I can tell from his email that he knows Heartland Brewery is gonna get screwed being associated with them, and they're having their name being dragged through the mud.

I got no response from NY Brewer's association. I'm sure they're counting their money and not care how and where they got it from, even if people were ripped off! I'm totally boycotting them!

Hellz yeah I'm putting their responses in a public forum. I want everyone to see! So Heartland Brewery is very concerned about their image. Hell I was ready to go to Union square and go BOOO! in front of their bar there, as well as the one down in seaport and the empire state building. But the guy did respond and said he would get back to me in a few days.

Anyways, this morning, I get an email about ticket refund confirmation. I was like huh? So I look and Brewfest refunded me everything! Hellz yeah! About fucking time! I'm so glad I can put this behind me now! But I hope other people realize this and should demand their money back too! The only way to send a message to them that what they did was not right, is through their wallet. Its the only way people understand, sadly enough.

I hope others get their money back too. I don't ever want to go to another Brewfest again, and I'm never going back to Gov's island again. It was an utter disaster and I will not be going anywhere near it again. I'm also going to make sure to tell everyone not to go and have their money stolen!

And yes I'm one of those people who will annoy you just to make sure you get my point! Though I only do this in certain occasions and this one called for it! Greed is not a justifiable reason to do what you did Brewfest. Shame on you!

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wuzzyangel said...

See taking action works! I'm glad that you were able to get you $$ back for that horrendous sounding event you described!

But the founder huh?! He really must be pissed at the planners for draggin his company down with them!

ChyiX2 said...

I'm glad to hear that you got a refund. Sometimes it really pays off to complain because uf everyone don't want to go through that trouble then they'll keep the money and will never improve.